Needed tips for my blog

Hi friends,

I am a blogger and blogging about “how to blog and SEO.” Please suggest me how to develop more content for my blog and what should be the keywords for my blog.

This is a joke, right?

I came to this thread by the headline asking for help and when i entered inside telling us about the blogging and selling straight away.

So , basically you’re saying that you’re writing articles about how to blog and you’re asking us how to blog ? :smiley: Well , if you are serious , then I guess you should blog about something else. Something you know a lot about. Something you like. No offense , but I don’t think someone who’s asking other people what to write in a certain niche will be a successful blogger

thanks dear for your quotations. There are only two purposes behind anything u do, either that is your hobby through that u would like to solve other people’s problem or u are doing that professionally. So, there is no matter whether I write or ask “how to blog.” So, there is no joke.

Sorry, but it is a joke.

You say you have a blog about “how to blog and SEO” but you are asking for advice on how to blog and how to optimize for search engines. How can you have a blog about something you don’t know about???

'Nuff said. Thread closed.