100 Tips How To Make Your Blog Popular

Hi all,

After an year of blogging, I collect 100 simple tips about blogging that could help you make your blog popular, here’s some of them:

When you choose blog niche follow your passion

Start blogging if you can do it seven days a week and on vacations

Promote your posts, not your website

Know your audience and offer it what it wants

Join Yahoo! Answers and add a link on your website as an answer

Do not annoy other bloggers, contact them only if it really makes sense

Some good tips there Buz…do we get the rest of them in 20 weekly installments? :smiley:

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Hi can you give all your tips here? thank you very much!

hi sasin,

Thanks for those good tips. My clients are reporting good results with those same
exacts techniques.


Do you mind giving the rest of the blogging tips?

There should be another 94 tips…xD

Another tip -> Joining sites like blogcatelog.com

Wouldn’t mind seeing the rest of those tips!

Hi, would you please share all your tips here with us?

Thanks for tips, but where is “100 tips”?