How to write a killer Blog Post?

Can anyone tell me some tips to write a killer blog post. I’m a newbie blogger and i need professional guidance from a good blogger. If anyone here who help me please give some tips

Hi Softonal. If you have something interesting to write about, and you know your stuff, the rest will take care of itself. :slight_smile:

Ok i got your point :slight_smile:

Producing a valuable content for your readers can lead to more traffic to your site. Number one rule in writing your blog is to make it simple, make it easy to read as possible. Of course, identifying who your customers is also important, it will help you know their needs to satisfy.

Try visiting copyblogger, they have the best tips and techniques.

A blog should have an interesting topic and content that will make the readers want to read it from the beginning until the end.

Killer blogs need to have KILLER headings. :slight_smile:

Should have an interesting title that catches reader’s attention…and put killer sub headings that would keep them engaged throughout their reading experience.

Choose a interesting topic of your choice. You must have good knowledge of that topic. Try to put good words and interesting pictures to attract the audiences.

That’s the key thing. Write about something that you know about, and you’ll find it much easier to write, and you’ll probably do a much better job than if you’re starting from a position of ignorance. That doesn’t mean that you won’t ever need to do any research, because unless you are omniscient you will quickly run out of topics to blog about if you’re relying on only what you already know, but if you don’t know about, and aren’t interested in, a topic, how could you expect to write a good article about it? Unfortunately, too many people seem to think they can.

The first thing you need to write killer content is a good niche. I do image you have one. Content is very important to your blog and should make sure that you deliver exception posts to your readers. I do not know the topic of your Blog, but I would invite you to visit this site <snip> to identify resources for your blog content.

Good luck

Excellent points. Great titles make visitors click and read. Look a yahoo home page for example. They always have irresistible titles

Some sites provide a great database of digital products that can help you become an expert in any topic. This is a great place to grow your knowledge and find killer content

First you choose a good niche for your blog.
Keyword research
Write a good title with 2 primary and secondary keywords( primary keyword | secondary keyword | Website name)
Write a unique and good article or content with 2% keyword density (2 or 3 keywords in a article)
Use optimize Images with alt text.
Write good and natural description about your post.
and finally publish your post.

Try writing the information which isn’t available on a lot of sites. Quality and informative content has always been the key to get good seach engine rankings and attract visitors to your blog. As and when someone searches for that information, your blog will be listed high in rankings for the visitor to go onto it and get the necessary information.

How-to guides with good title and easy to follow tips will definitely give you a killer-style content… good luck.

Tell people where to get free money and they will flock to your website :wink:

Or on a more serious note find out what everyone is talking about and blog on it.

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Actually, instead of trying to invent something new everytime, why don’t you find good blog posts that worked good (have a lot of likes and tweets) and make something similar, but better for your readers?

Make sure it is well structured so people can read through it nicely and take everything on board.

Because the chances are that you’re not adding any real value. You have to differentiate your article from the original(s), so that it doesn’t look like plagiarism or a derivative work, without it ending up as mangled spinner-text. And why do you think that Google or other people are going to recommend your article over one that’s already well established and popular?

Eye-catching and interesting titles can really attract people! I get many great ideas from forums and communities. There you can find really interesting ideas as people talk about them it means they really care about it.