Social networks for cars?

I’ve been thinking about build a social network for cars. But it looks to be a number of failures on this space. I’m hoping to learn from some of there failures. CarDomain look to be the dominant network in this space, but there looks to be room for other options in this space. I have acquired the domain. Would this be a good time to get into this space or into the social networks in general? What would be the best ways for me to grow this network?

Any example of this Social Networking sites for cars?? Never encounter this far.

I agree. Build a facebook fan page about your car ideas, generate more fans who have of the same interest with you. That is also one way of social network for cars.

There are a lot of car fanatics all around the world. You can think of doing it; but remember you are targeting only a certain section of people. So, it might be a better idea to create a group and/or a fan page in Facebook.

Right mates.

Better do it via facebook since it will give you a better results. You just need to know how to market it in a right way.

its a cool idea so user can find features as well as prices
and promote it as many places as possible
but try to do some different thing earlier their are lots of site ab0ut this topic

Better you make car specific profile on orkut or facebook with lots of photos.

Yeah, And your network will help you to boost your website. And i can be one of your networks also because i am also related to car business.


To be honest, I’ve never seen many cars which are very social… :wink: Only joking.

I think the best way to know if it’ll become popular is to create car ‘groups’ on sites like Facebook. That way you know if the audience is there, and you’ll have them all in one place for when you decide to launch the website.

it could be a success if you could do it with a marketplace.

Yes, use facebook to get started. You could create a facebook app for cars enthusiastic and slowly introduce your website.