My idea

we have you tube and lot’s of video sharing sites, then we have photo sharing sites, then there are useres that wright blogs, share their opinions, discuss with other people and there is me
I am a very big fan of one football club
so after all my idea is to create social network for all fans for that football club, where all members can share and discuss about everything about that club
I know there is facebook where I can create my group but thats not the same if you know what i mean

so what is your opinion? who much stupid is this idea? :slight_smile:

sheepy have you considered starting a forum for your football club fans, rather than a “social network” ? You can always start Facebook, Twitter and Flickr groups for that forum, and use them to drive visitors to it. Consider those social networking sites as ways of helping your community grow, rather than viewing them as a competing medium.

If you’re excited about building a community, and you’re passionate about helping other fans of this football club connect and communicate, then what’s stopping you? Go for it! You’ll find plenty of helpful people on this forum to bounce ideas off as you progress your idea. Who knows where it might lead!

Good luck!

well I don’t like forum because I think maybe it’s little too old and besides that we have newer and more popular ways of create some kind of cummunities
but there is one more thing and that is that everybody predicts that in future we will have more and more social networks and they will be specialized for specific stuff and my idea is exactly that, to create social network for specific audience

so I guess my idea is very bad when no one wont to comment it :wink:

Leave the social network creation to the big boys Sheepy. The rest of us can just use them instead of creating them. If you have other ideas though, do it and see how it turns out.

Basically you want a forum. Forums arent old and outdated. Everyone uses forums. And if you do Google searches for things, usually a forum turns up in the search results. Everyone browses forums at some stage. Dont cross it off your list cos its “old”…

You can create a main website with lots of content, blogs, links, fan stuff, and all the content that you want for your viewers. But then have the forum as the membership thing, where everyone writes in as a community.

Create Facebook links to it, same for other social networking sites.

If you want to build your own social networking site, no one is stopping you. Though im pretty sure you have to be extremely intelligent to code it all. And then maybe have some money too. :slight_smile:

thank you for your opinion, but big guys once were small :D, just kidding :wink:

i think your idea or opinion very difficult to applied, because facebook has fans arround the world and complete extension

well u can start a sports sharing type of website, where users can post anything including news, do bookmarkings, upload videos and photos, create a sport facebook, football fans chat etc etc where the users can also find & start their own sport club…

Why don’t you create your own site for that football club.