Best ways to promote thru Facebook?

What are some of your best ideas for generating traffic via facebook and other social networking sites.

please share

You can try having a custom application developed or for sites currently in production mode, start a fan club. These are from someone who do not spend much time on Facebook (a couple of hours a week). There may be better ways.

By not looking to promote?

Chances are the people on facebook are your friends. They probably wouldn’t like you spamming. Contribute, be sociable and for god sakes be yourself on facebook. If you get a bit of business through it, be greatful. However, don’t go in looking for it!

Tell all your friends that you have a site. Post a link from your profile page to the new site. Make an app that markets your site

Thanks for all the advice and participation.

Go to Facebook’s website and click on Advertising at the bottom of the page. They’ll give you options!

make more friends would also help…

Add many Friends and join with different social groups

will joining the social groups really have an impact?

Social networking media are very helpful in terms of building online reputation. You can set up a profile that showcases your websites, what you are into, services and products you offer if any. Also, as you go about networking and building friends, you also expand your network and you can get into JV’s, promote other people’s products as an affiliate and even gain clients or buyers thru these sites.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and Myspace receive a good dose of traffic so focus on them.

You can also integrate your rss feeds and create your own group and develop apps to promote your product.

yeah i like this way batter idea to promote yours site through different communities and forums.:rolleyes:

i think initially if you make a new group and start building fans it will helps

You can share your site’s links via facebook. That way your network of friends will be aware of the latest updates of your sites. You can also make new apps and share it to them via facebook.

Thanks, appreciate all the tips! Just knew the social networking and needed a little extra help.

Start a fan page!

Build a decent appliaction and integrate it into ur website !


Hey thanks but could you explain a little more for everyone when you say build an application?

Check out the apps section on facebook and you will realise what i mean, see if u can think of something you could do with ur sites to build a fun app to attract attension to your site !


Does anyone know of a really good example of a company’s Facebook page that seems to be very well done and has a lot of user-interaction? If so, can you post it please?