Successful in Social Network

Anyone here has an experience of success in their business using Social Network Marketing?

Absolutely and it really just depends on what sites and what you are trying to accomplish. If your looking for leads inside your field, look at LinkedIn and other business networks, start writing content and distributing in the correct industries. There are sites like, where you can give expert consulting and advice to build a reputation and start establishing leads there. FB and Twitter need a quality site or blog to bring in potential clients that are interested and industry knowledgeable, so you can convert.

Yes there are so many successful stores of different business as e commerce websites. If you want to get traffic and customer fro your website through social media or social networking website so you have to make your worth/good well on those websites such increase the twitter follower and for example: your twitter followers should be your industry relevant and region vise too.:slight_smile:

Yes i am having experience in this field. I have converted more business by using facebook fan page…

Social media marketing absolutely increases traffic and aids in general marketing of any business. This is regarded as one of the more beneficial forms of marketing. I strongly suggest it to you and, in fact, urge all of my clients to do so as well. You can simply implement plugins on your website that link directly to your facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc. page. Best of luck to you.

Well it does depend on the product you are trying to sell. if you address to a more professional part of business Facebook won’t improve your sales very much i think.

Right, agree with the above posters in that different social networks give you different results. If you’re selling B2C, Facebook is a great way to generate more interest in your brand. If you’re selling B2B, focus on LinkedIn. Twitter is a fantastic tool no matter who you’re selling to, and it’s the quickest way to communicate to a large audience.

For sure i have get a good result in traffic for last six months. I am using Facebook, twitter, digg and stumbleupon. I am quit happy with the output i am getting from these social media website . In the starting it took a lil bit long time to get the result but after some time i got a good improvement in my website traffic and ranking in the Google.

Thanks for all your input. I just creating a business account on facebook and twitter. But I have one question, in order to generate good traffic to my site… Will I have to post daily or the goal is only to get followers or fan?

Thanks again for all your replies.

The best way to get fans, followers, and traffic to your website is to post only when you have something to say that will interest your target market.

Social Media is very powerful tool as Internet Marketing. To get success in social media it requires patience. If you want to instant traffic for your site it will provide, but if you wanted genuine traffic that can increase your business leads then be patience. Sure you will get best results. One more thing once your profile will be well established you will get maximum benefits.

I think that Facebook fan pages, and Twitter accounts are the best possible way to get success.

Definitely use your Twitter and Facebook profiles for success. There is nothing like a Facebook fan page with regular posts to branch out.

Now a day Social Media is a very powerful strategy. It’s not enough that you are join the social networking sites and leave it. but you also required be in touch with your friends, share something new updates with your friends, make a new friends as well as inform your product or website to your friends.
for example if I’m writing something on my facebook wall. and i have 100 friends on facebook. that means my post is also visible on all my friends wall as well. and when my friends friends are visit my friends wall then can also get updates from me. that means my friends friend also know about me and my products. which helps me getting more visitors. which leads to improve your business.
so defiantly you can grown up your business. This is the simplest strategy to develop your business with the help of social network marketing.

Being successful in Social Media is till the time you got the relevant traffic towards your site. Because social networking sites have huge traffic traffic which is not relevant for all. So take time to understand thus and then implement.

I find it difficult to maintain targeted followers on Facebook and twitter. As a website designer, most of the people in the industry are my competition and I don’t want to have them advertising on my pages and such. I try to target small businesses that don’t already have websites, but most business that have facebook / twitter accounts realize the need for the internet as a means to new clients already have websites for that very same reason. Anyone have suggestions for people like me? The only thing I’ve found handy about twitter and facebook is that I can keep track of what my competition is doing and match deals, promotions or sales.

The simple way to track down your success in social network is the amount of referrals from traffic to sales.
Or how your fans or followers interact with your regular posts and updates. Also, Facebook has this insights graph to view your progress in your Facebook Page Campaign

Well in my case no. I tried hard to make friends through facebook and I succeed. But I was fail to make maximum likes for my fan page.

Google analytics breaks down your traffic sources, so thats an easy way to see how/what site is bringing you traffic.
Just remember to make everything content oriented, if its not, it won’t rank as high and google won’t smile back.

Ahh but in social sucess comes from people spreading your name, and not necessarily your link. Add in url redirectors, aggregators and of course third party coverage and the number of direct links drops even further. Thus while tracking clicks is insightful, it by no means tells the whole story.