Facebook: a good social tool for traffic?

I’ve heard of people joining facebook groups to drive traffic to their site. Any input regarding this? does it work well? is it hard? how does it work?

Sure, this can work if you don’t come across pushy and just out for business. Same with twitter. Use it as another avenue to post useful information with links to your site. Blatent link blasting won’t get you anywhere. Add value and make it interesting, they will come!

In order to win costumers for your business using Facebook or even other social networking site like Twitter time is a must, your post should be relevant to what you offer on your site or business and you have to respond as soon as you can to every inquiry posted by friends for Facebook and followers for Twitter…

To my eyes, twitter is better, I do the both, but facebook didn’t drive any traffic to our website.

Yes, you are right

Facebook is good for traffic, But you need to spend a lot of time to do it

many people shift to facebook today and I find it very useful to drive traffic to your website.

Yup! Facebook is a great tool to entice web traffic; at least, it has proved really beneficial for my online business.

yes. true facebook is really great source for traffic

hey body please tell me how to use facebook, how to great it.

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its no doubt facebook is a good ranked site but stumbleupon is the best one for traffice

Yeah. By creating new group related to your site niche, you can get more traffic. But compare with twitter, it will not provide that much traffic to your site.

twitter is nothing except wastage of time

Yes, it can help you with additional traffic, almost every social sites do. That’s why its always best that you don’t limit yourself when it comes to promoting your site especially on places that are for free to use. =)

i m in favor of Stumble coz my daily traffic average is nearby 500 only from stumbe

but after we get the we want what are we going to do to convert this traffic to become a costumer? i think this is the most tricky part… anybody here who can share some tips?

Do you think it’s worth advertising facebook groups/fanpages?

or is it better to advertise your website directly do you think?

yeah… that’s the point. after generation of traffic and popularity of site, you have to sought out related sites. i m sure you will rec good response.


do you have your site?