Social networks are the new SEO: think about it

There`s a correlation between activity in your official page in FB and number of people who requests about you in Google. So promotion in social networks can indirectly effect your SERP position. Just recall it it when you think about Panda, Penguin or Tiger. Traffic attracted from FB or G+ is new SEO. Old SEO is dead. New one is based in unique viral content and social networks promotion.

Social media will work better for some sites than others, in terms of direct traffic. It’s true that social media can influence your position in the search results, but relying on social media alone is unlikely to be a successful strategy. Most people, if they want to find something specific, go to a search engine rather than a social media site, so if you’re ignoring SEO then you’re ignoring a huge proportion of your potential traffic.

There can’t be any other strategy to fetch traffic towards your website/blog apart from wise social media marketing. No barriers to geographical locations as the globe can be the marketplace. Innumerable traffics from all across the world wide web is possible if we follow wise and strategical social media marketing methodologies. Maximum referral traffics from social medias with minimum bounce rates is undoubtedly a trust signal to Google webspam controlling team. Websites with maximum visits and minimum bounce rates usually gets displayed within the first few results for any relevant search queries.

Imho the question about ignoring SEO or finishing of ignoring SEO is senseless. In a year or two Google wil kill SEO as we know it. Black hat SEO will mutate but it will not survive. white hat is simple grammar. You never find an idiot to hire so called white hat SEO specialist. So the only theoretically possible way to provide SEO in a fiew years gonna be unique viral content multiplied with social sites.
I agree that it is difficult to promote some kinds ot stuff via social sites. But to promote them with old fashioned backlinking soon gonna be impossible.

Links are base of Internet and the main factor that has influence on PR or search ranking.
Promotion via social network gives just a little bit of “juicy links”, but social media promotion cannot be used as main SEO technique. It could be used for brand development, engagement with clients, and so on. Besides, links from relevant trusted resources have more impact or ranking position then “social” links.

If the content is quality, fresh and unique content as well as getting number of good likes, sharing and comments then it would helpful for build natural link by others by earning co-citation for your content from others. Hence always write quality content for the website/webpage to get benefit of search engine as well as social signals.

i am agree with you on some points but more than Facebook , i will go for the G+ and LinkedIn, your social profile and company official pages on these sites will appear top in search.

Social Media is mainly used for marketing the Big brand or average brand. It is not more effective for small brand or unknown brand. For big brand all people are aware with them and they spread this news to all other Social media site while in small brand none of people want to see the advertise of it.
So, social media is beneficial for big brand and it become new SEO for them, not become new SEO for small brand.

Now in 2013 after all types of updates, social networks are one of the safe backlinking ways. However, it could be nofollow or dofollow, it will help you to get targeted traffic. Also it will help you in SERP.

Social networks turns the world better to get engaged regularly will help us to get good amount of traffic so no more old seo strategies

Social media sites are on and everything else is tough now after so many updates. Real people involvement is what google loves now.

Now days, specially for social media “Content is king”. If we use proper and unique content according to post on social account then it will definitely work.
Social media is best to to attract targeted visitors.

Social media Plays a very big role in today’s SEO techniques…It mostly helps the big brands more rather than small brands. it is surely a good place to provide backlinks to the site with a quality content because now “Content is king”…

yeah, i’ve heard this one already. Of course, if you got a good number followers in your social media accounts, once you share a post, you can expect to drive traffic more than zero. It’s a sure thing. The challenge here is not to piss people on those promo stuffs you keep on putting in their timelines.

I think we are still a fair way off social media heavily influencing SEO.

Now a day’s social media is a very helpful and important method to promote your websites link. The biggest benefit of SMO is you can expect traffic quickly. SMO is the best method of promotion of our site, products, and services on social media. It is so helpful to raise your website traffic. SEO and Social media must come together for better search rankings. Gone are the traditional ways of seo.