How social media is important for a new website?

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I have a new website I created a few months ago. I would like to start seo for it. Though I already completed on page SEO and a few off page link building as well. But I am not getting much traffic as I expected. So right now I would like to start social media marketing. How effective is this? I have a plan to create a social profile in different social websites like- FB, LinkedIn, G+, Pinternest, Twitter and so on.

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Here i am listing some reasons why social media is best for business.

  1. Social media post get targeted traffic.
  2. It boost your site’s SEO.
  3. It increase your post reach
  4. It builds gud online presence of your business in front of your targated audience.
  5. It builds brand loyalty
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Social Media is very effective in driving traffic to the website. Platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram can really help you to drive traffic. Social Media also help in SEO.
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Can you explain how you think that happens, @arohisingh561? Most social media sites mark links as nofollow, and in any case, search engines place little worth on links which you submit yourself.

Social media may be helpful for driving traffic, but it has little or no direct effect on SEO.

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social media is important for ranking your website on google,but you have to do some activity and select exact social media according to business…
post on social media on daily basis then you can get more traffic for your business.
you can target exact audience and location for your business.

Social media is widely used platform. When you publish your posts and news on social media. It will easily reach to your targeted audience.So, all an all social media marketing is beneficial to increased your website ranking.

It may increase visitor numbers, but as I said above, it will not directly affect ranking.

How would a search engine know what traffic you are receiving from social media? It can’t use information it doesn’t have. (And Google has stated it doesn’t use Analytics data in search algorithms.)

I fear you may be responding to a robot, Techno.

That post reads almost entirely as a robot, just with the keyword ‘social media’. (Take any instance of that phrase out, and replace it with an actual SM platform name [twitter, facebook, instagram etc], and you get a semi-coherent post).

That said, this thread is going to generate nothing but the same unhelpful replies as all the other identical “how do i SEO” posts on this nofollow forum that in no way actually helps your ranking to post on.

I’d suggest the OP use the Search function, or just browse the SM tag in general and they might | find | a | few | similar | threads (that was without trying.)

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Working as a Social Media Manager for a lot of Digital Marketing firms, I’d say it is a pretty important factor to rank up your blogs.

Especially if you’re into lifestyle, food, or fashion industry, Social Media accounts for most of your traffic and audience.

Yes you can go for social media marketing, Because mostly people are active on social media sites. Only SEO would not be enough for a good traffic on your site…

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Social media is a great decision for seo, I think. You can create pages related to your website on different platforms and do regular posts in it in order to catch the attention of other users. Moreover you can do likes and posts in similar groups from that pages what will also attract new visitors to your website. The only thing is that it takes a lot of time as you have to be an active user on all the platforms. On the other hand it saves your money as you shouldn’t pay someone for promotion, but simply do it on your own.
Good luck in your start!

for a new website social media plays a vital role because our website come into the known by the social media by doing bookmarkings its also increases our traffic to our website and good backlinks also.

If by “backlinks” you mean links which may influence search engine rankings, then as has already been explained, you are mistaken.

@kratomcabin: do you have any further questions? This topic is becoming repetitive, and as you haven’t returned to it since first posting, it is likely to be closed sooner rather than later.

Yes! you are right there is little effect on SEO but I think it is good to use social media because the little help for ranking is better with driving traffic to your site. I have few blogs where 40% of my traffic is from twitter, facebook and pinterest alone.

social media is the key to get more traffic on your website.