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How does social media effects the ranking in Google?

Social media Helps SEO
How social media is important for a new website?

Ya sure , It helps and increase the number of visitors on the websites which definitely helps to improve the rankings on google. So keep doing the social traffic activities.


As most social media links are nofollow, it has very little direct effect on SEO.

Visitor numbers also has no effect on SEO. How could it? How would search engines know about traffic to your site? (Google has stated it does not use Analytics data in search rankings.)

There may be an indirect effect, where increased traffic helps your site become better known, and you may then earn links from elsewhere, but there is no direct effect.

The point of social media is to be social.


thanks for the replies guys.


Social media is usually used for referral traffic.

Having said that, your avatar links are usually dofollow ones, which transforms them into backlinks.

The better the content you share on social media, the more likely these posts are crawled and considered as good backlinks to your website.

There are naturally other attributes for social media, such as reputation management that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Yes, refferal traffic isn't enough to jack up overall traffic, but if it decreases the bounce and exit rate and perhaps even converts into paying clients or acquired clients that have travelled to other parts of your website - why not use it?


You can drive traffic via social media. Facebook is a big example of it. Definitely, it helps to improve the rankings.


Please read the full discussion before replying.


Its complicated, Google sees this social traffic as Forced/Incentive Traffic, This is why google dont want to use it as a ranking factor. But you can more targeted customers than any search engine.


Please explain how you think Google (or any other search engine) knows how much traffic is flowing from a social media site to a website.

I open my browser (or phone app), go to Facebook, browse Facebook, then follow a link to a website. No search engine was involved at any stage. How could a search engine possibly know about direct traffic coming from social media, or, indeed, traffic coming from any other website?


Google bot is working continously and facebook also supports in crawling whenever any one goes to a website from social media . A social signal is sent to google. The google algorithm does all the work. Its also help in search engine ranking.


Can you back up this claim with any trustworthy source?
If Facebook and the site are totally independent of Google, how is Google tracking this action?


Google bots can track any site even social media sites they keep on crawling entire internet space.


How? Googlebot only crawls site content; it can't track visitors. Google Analytics tracks visitors (if it's installed on a site and if visitors haven't taken steps to block it), but Google has stated that they do not use Analytics data in search results.

Unless you have a more recent Google source which contradicts that, that would seem to be pretty clear-cut.


It cant track visitors but it can track that a link is being followed very much so they think it could be valuable to users so they rank it as a thinking of valuable piece.


Please explain how a search engine can track visitors to a social media site clicking a link from there to another site. How could it possibly have access to this information?


Social Media can be helpful in improving google ranking but only to a limited point,
But then also Traffic from social media will do the 25% of the work by providing initial traffic and if these visitors comment on your website than it would be more beneficial to you .


As Google(You can search for Matt Cutts Video on Ranking Factor here - have confirmed that links shared on Facebook and other social media sites are used as a ranking signal, but they are not direct ranking factors. Social media is mainly used for referral traffic, building an audience related to your niche and promotions.


Nowadays every one spends most of the time on social media sites. Due to that, most of the websites got traffic from backlinks that are available on social media sites. As the number of visitors increase, your site's rank boost up automatically.

You can also use 'og tags' (metatags) at the backend of your site. These tags are specifically used for social media sites. Will help you for good preview of your website link.


Even if social media isn’t a direct Google ranking factor, it is one of the best ways to promote content and be found online. Which is, ultimately, what SEO is all about.


The entire point of SEO is getting more people to visit your website. There are countless ways to combine social media and high-quality content to increase your digital popularity.

n other words, if you optimize your content for people (rather than search engines) your rankings will improve.