What is the role of social media in search engine ranking factor?

what is the role of social media in search engine ranking factor?.

Social is a direct path to communicate, influence and hear from customers and prospects. While there can be some SEO optimization the there’s simply a lot more value in using social to well, be social… And let the “lift” come as it will. Trying to apply SEO tricks to social is going about it wrong…

Search is a means of getting people to you; social is a means of talking to people you have. Play to the strengths.

Social Media plays an important role in today’s SEO, social media drive the organic traffic to your website as well as increase your website popularity, social signals are act as back bone of SEO, which is also said by Matt Cutts.

Traffic coming from social media sites or other referrals is not a SEO factor.
Social media are a factor in SEO, but something like facebook will only have a noticeable influence if the numbers are huge. 200 “friends” clicking on your site once a month will not rank you any higher in serps.

For the average Joe Bloggs who is not capable of drumming up a thousand clicks a day by producing consistent i.e. more than just once a day and interesting content on his social media page, the influence on his main site will be negligible in terms of SEO ranking.

Social media can push the right traffic to you site. you may know the expectations and need and wants of customers.

Social, media optimization is way to popular the site by social networking site. lot of visitors coming to networking site and share the content, photo, image. SMO provide direct visitors to the site.

OK, we’ve had four replies saying that social media can drive traffic to your site, so I think we’re all agreed on that. :slight_smile: No more replies saying the same thing, please, or they’ll be removed as fluff. If you have any other insights to offer, please feel free to do so.

This has raised the bar quite high. So are you saying that those of us who get a thousand clicks a month from our social media assets are just wasting their time there.

No. What I meant was that if you don’t get that sort of volume from your social media, you should not expect it to make a big difference for your website’s serp ranking.
Thousand clicks monthly is not a whole lot, and if you can’t generate that, your content is probably not that interesting. If your social media content is not that interesting, changes are your website won’t hold me spellbound either. If your website does not have a fair bit of useful infor on it, you will NEVER come out well on serps.

As much as people would like to have backlinks from social media sites, it’s actually more of collecting an audience where you can directly share your ideas, promote your products, and etc. It’s reaching out to the people and your probable clients.

Social media have great role in ranking of site. lot of visitors coming to site and share you content, image, vising the site if interested. direct traffic come to the site.

Because people share links that they are interested in, Google uses these backlinks in their search algorithm (even though they are mostly nofollow) because it helps them determine real popularity. Be careful about spamming though, the best social media strategy is to post interesting content that people will actually want to share.

Social Media is the place where people connecting with each other. So, there are many peoples with different countries, different languages, attitudes, taste and mindset etc. If our website, pages designed according to their user’s taste & expectations, then definitely we can attract more number of visitors to our website and sell our products to them. So, Google thinks it’s a natural process and give importance to Social Media Websites. If we do promote our website through Social Media in right way, then we will definitely achieve better rankings in SERP…!

All we need to do this to create fresh and unique content, attractive images, special offers in our social media websites and share it to our targeted visitors…!

Social media is away that we make site popular using social networking site. we share the content, image, photo with others, make various community. many page are liked by visitors which help in make ranking.

Well the question is quite tricky and people usually get confuse when thinking about Social Media and SEO, recently i have published a new blog post covering the similar topic which you are asking. You can get your answer in details from my blog post titled "Why is Social Media a Important Factor in SEO of Websites In short Social Media is as important as SEO for websites and you need to focus on both factors.

Social Media has attracted a supporting position to SEO for getting the site a good popularity and higher creditability, SEO enables a site to get a good creditability through good linking profile and good on page factors, while SMO helps to drive maximum visitors to the site making it popular on the web.