Sitepoint please do not do that ever again

Okay folks I think you guys are getting a little over excited over your marketing of your products. I can tolerate only so many little salesman tricks but I’ve just come across one that totally stepped over the line for me.

I got an email from you guys this morning promoting a new deal to help promote your new site ( Our Best Web Design Resources: Save $70 - 3 Days Only! ).

Okay, no problems there. The deal was a good one but as I already had one of the books on offer I wasn’t interested this time. So I triggered the next site I wanted to visit only to have one of those #$@#% javascript exit windows come up instead pleading with me to stay. This is the equivalent of the salesman grabbing your arm as you turn to leave the showroom. Maybe it’s just me but I find tactics like that incredibly agrivating and instantly put me off using the services of the company involved.

A very bad practice guys and I’m both surprised at you and worried that you lot are now heading towards the dark side and are being blinded by the thought of all the money you are making from all these new products.:injured::frowning:

I think I have to agree with this one. That’s a tacky tactic used by spam websites asking you to buy phony products - not a reputed and respected brand like Sitepoint.

Thanks for the feedback.

We’re always experimenting with new marketing tactics… One of the decisions we had to make was:

1.) Email everyone 3 times (one for each of the 3 deals). This might result in complaints about the volume of emails being sent and unsubscribes.

2.) Email everybody once, and find a way to ask if they want to hear about other deals in case our initial offer isn’t appealing to them and they ditch the page without making a purchase

We chose #2 this time around to see what would happen. I appreciate the feedback.


  1. Mention all three deals in the email and on the page. Or even have one page per deal and link to the rest from the first page.

Sorry Matt but to date I don’t I’ve ever had one of those exit blockers from anything other than dodgy sites. What on earth made you guys think this was a good idea?

They work…

It’s not the equivalent of a ‘salesman grabbing your arm’ at all, that’s a somewhat provocative way to make it sound. It might be the same as a salesman waving a flyer in your face as you leave the store.

It’s not ‘tacky’ or ‘bad practice’, that’s just your personal reactions it’s smart and plenty of good quality sites use them all the time. People can be so precious about pop ups.

No matter how you try to dress it it’s stopping you when you are trying to leave. Waving a flyer in your face is not the same thing.

And I have yet to see one single site use them that hasn’t been dodgy. You can call me precious all you like but any site that uses those sort of tactics on me will not be getting my business. It is not respectfull to the customer.