Problems with links to Sitepoint articles

Not sure who to address this to these days, so thought I’d pop it in here.

A couple of days ago, while furiously procrastinating and reading geeky stuff, I found a link to a Sitepoint article from another I was reading which sent my browser into a tizz. I assumed it was a one off glitch and ignored it. However, today I randomly came across another (here - 2nd Wireframing article). Perhaps the guys in charge of redirects may wanna take a look? Could be missing some valuable referrals there :frowning:

Yes, I’ve hit a few bad links recently (particularly old articles I have bookmakked that don’t resolve to their new location). I guess it’s one of the hazards of redesigning a large site. :frowning:

In this instance, Chrome gives me a “This webpage has a redirect loop” message.

Something for @HAWK to pass on to HQ.

Thanks guys, I’ll get someone to take a look into it.