What's with

…The spam I keep getting from these forums? Anyone else seeing it? :confused:

Are you talking about PM spam? If so, SitePoint’s been mass-attacked this weekend. :confused:

Yes. That is exactly what I was asking about. Just wondering…

Thank you.

Sorry for the inconvenience. It was a very well planned attack (on a Sunday!!).

What exactly is written in the Pm spam? I am just wondering.

I don’t want to give them even more exposure by posting it, but in essence it’s a whole lot of bs about building and flipping blogs for a profit.

Okay, how do I differentiate the real message from a spam? Because I can’t tell if what they sent to me are spam or not.

If anyone sends you a PM offering you a service then that is spam.
Generally you should forward it to a mod and the person will be banned, but in this case you don’t need to bother as we are already onto it.

Well, that’s a big help and thanks for it. I should avoid responding to it and forward it to the mod when I am able.

Exactly. We hate spammers. :slight_smile:

You and 38 thousand others :slight_smile: