PM spam - again

Just received this crap: Learn How To Build Self Writing Blogs And Flip Them For $500+, F~ree!
from user: rasetresh

I would have posted to the PM spam sticky - but it’s closed.

Just email the PM to anyone with a green, blue, red or black badge, and they can sort it out for you :slight_smile:

I usually send them to HAWK.

I don’t know if I’d email them. I’d forward them instead. Just make sure you put something like PLEASE DEAL WITH THIS PM SPAMMER in it at the top so they know what’s going on.

Why did they disable the “Report Post” for PMs??

Workaround: Replace in the URL: showpm with report and press Enter.

Thanks for reporting these PM spams. It is being dealt with right now!

It would make things easier, if you reenable these nice in the PMs :wink:

Yep i am got the same email.

Yup, I think most of the forums did! I’m working on it now.

@Hawk: Just incase you’re unaware, there’s a common IP address involved - many members PMing, same IP address. Drop by the mentor forum for more info :slight_smile:

Oh… I’m aware! Thanks though. :slight_smile:

:lol: Well, just in case!

I got one too, same header, user:

I’ve only had it once, today - but one time is too many. Turned off PM.

Sorry, but a link to a member’s profile isn’t enough information. Until the report PM issue gets resolved, Please forward any offending PMs to a moderator, i.e. member’s whose names are Green, Blue, or Red and have the badges Advisor, Team Leader or Administrator.

Turning off PMs isn’t an option for all members, please be helpful and forward the PM to a moderator.


Yes it would be a good idea, I am getting more spam than usual lately but couldnt be bothered reporting it, I used to when the report buttons were there.