Somewhat Pissed

I made quite a few purchases during SitePoint’s little holiday special. The “Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site” and a few others. This particular one came with a free PHP Quick Reference Poster and I didn’t get in the mail with the book. I got the Javascript one with the Art and Science of Javascript book, so I figured maybe you ran out. Fine with me; I don’t mind waiting. Today, about a month later, I finally got the PHP Reference Guide and it’s packed in a bubble envelope and it’s completely bent to hell. There’s one thing I cannot stand and it’s when I get damaged goods due to poor packaging. You could have put it in a large heavy duty USPS envelope and it wouldn’t have arrived all bent and completely fk’d up. What’s the deal SitePoint?


Sorry to hear of your bad experience. I’m not an employee of SitePoint so can’t comment on the specifics.

You probably should send SitePoint your grievances via their customer support. That way you’ll be sure to get a response from one of their staff.

Thanks, will do. The books are great though. :wink:

Hi there,
Your PHP poster was shipped last week. Sorry for the delay on that.

I’ll organise reshipment of your book immediately and notify our warehouse of the packing issue.

I just want to clarify here. It wasn’t the book that was damaged. As dumb or stupid as it may seem, it’s the condition of the poster that I was concerned with. I don’t see why you opted to ship it in the yellow bubble envelope rather than a solid cardboard envelope, the USPS has flat rate ones for $2/3.

Ah - right.
I’ll have another poster sent out then. We don’t make the call on packaging - that is done by the company that we use for shipping.

If you want to discuss this further, please email