Should you use a program to submit to directories?

Back links are very very important. There are good backlinks and bad backlinks.

I just reviewed a pgm that submits your site to over 1000 directories. It showed there PR number when submitted. Some have a very high pr number but most have one of 1 or 0.

It takes a very long time to submit to directories by hand. Multiply that times quite a few websites and it is a full time job that way.

Is there a good directory submission program or do they hurt you more than help you since they include so many directories that google does not like?

You thoughts?

I do manually and use different anchor text and keywords on each.

Be prepared to receive spams!
I used webceo tool to submit sites. It is a nice application, but I didn’t see the results.
For a research purpose, I used a different email account to submit the sites.

A year later on, I found that my email address is misused by several spammers who claimed to be search-engine submitters. I am sure, I never used that email address elsewhere. The websites who claim that they do not spam or share the email too are now the spammers.

Hence, I never trust or rely on those automated submitters.
Just think about your business websites - even if there are 5000 visitors, it does not matter, unless they are your prospects. 10 good visitors are important than 5000 non customers.

If you have good articles, search engines index you, even if you have minimal back links.
Submit to them manually.

there are very few free directories worthy to be considered and you don’t need an automated software to submit your websites into these selected few …

Yes, automated submission many site will take it as spamming, so better to do manual submission. manual Submission gives Very Good Back links, but it takes time.

Do not waste your time or money. They are useless. Worry about building REAL LINKS to your site. 10,000 crappy directory links are about the same value as 10 good links.

For me I prefer to do it manually in submitting to directories, since over posting can consider it spamming, back then when I was submitting to different directories I also searched for an automated software so that it would be easy for me to submit but then realized its not also a good thing because it also can harm to your site.


i bet one will get a very few links out of a thousand
even after manual submission link rate is not that high as you imagine
so the best practice is to make it only a part of your campaign
not full time job
do around 50 per day
start from 0 pr to higher

So there you have it folks. As several have said:

Submit to quality directories manually

Submit your site manually, why take risk, directories take time but if you got spam due to any spam program then it cost more. Never have a chance and never think about it either.

To clarify - InFormEnter is a tool that allows you to autocomplete forms - you still have to go to the directories and submit them, it doesn’t automate that.

(In Firefox, it’s an add-on. In Opera, it’s been native for years. Sorry, just had to point that out :cool:)

Regardless of what tool you use, it still looks like spamming :mad:

used a informenter add ons on firefox to make it fast and easier to input your link submission on directory sites

promoman has it right, if you are going to do free directories, do it manually and use the different text and description… it takes longer but it’s more worth while

I assume you are asking about services that submit to 1000 free directories etc. fact is many of those directories never get deep indexed/cached by google so it’s a lot of lost time and money. one has to be selective. directories that charge an editorial review fee may cost a bit but their lifespan is often longer, & they tend to have a better crawl rate (depending of course on many on and off page factors). look to submit to some directories that have been around for say at least 4-5 years - those would be the ones to have more trust and authority.

Don’t use an automated service. It’s a waste of time even if it is faster. The only way to get meaningful links from directories is to hand pick the niche directories that match your website. General directories aren’t worth submitting to.

it would always be better to do submission manually…automated submission dont give good results, its somewhat more closely as spamming…

Same here. I manually submit them although RoboForm helps. I try to stick with PR3 and above ones that have no porn, gambling etc…

Yeah quality rather than quantity is the key.:slight_smile:

It is always better to do manual submission as in case of automated submission many site will take it as spamming and so it will be harmful and wastage of both time and reputation of your site, I know one program which I used to use before for bookmarking it’s call socialmarker.

Directories that accept automated submissions are not likely to do you any good with search engines. They will almost certainly be overrun with spam and will at best have very low PR, and at worst be actively blacklisted. They are likely to be generic and not particularly relevant to your area. You will achieve far more by carefully targeting your submissions to particular directories and sites that (a) are reputable and high quality, and (b) are relevant to your website. Quality, not quantity.

Look at it this way. Google wants to give people the best possible results. If it was possible to get a top ranking by autosubmitting your site to a gazillion directories, that wouldn’t be giving people the best possible results. So it isn’t likely that that will work…