Do directory submissions actually work?

I always see advice for directory submissions to help youre rankings on google.

So I finally decided to try, using I’ve submitted a couple of my sites to about 40 directories, and the whole process was pretty easy, but is there a chance I’ll see any results? Do these things actually help or is it just a scam?

The problem with directory submissions is the requirement that most of them have a reciprocal link to your webpage, which the search engines may penalise

I believe directory submission can help to increase page Rank.

I tend to think that the best directories do work. But they’re hard to get into and are not paid. Like DMOZ.

Most of the free directories are probably crap. I’ve never seen any benefit submitting, and no longer use it as my marketing plan.

Have you tried submitting to memetrackers?

Really? Care to explain why MOST directories do NOT require a reciprocal?

Well it’s not a scam if it’s free. Whether it’ll help or not is another story. Personally, I think it helps a little bit, even if not with rankings, I sometimes get traffic from random directories I didn’t even know people used. And if it’s a quality, niche-specific directory then it probably will help with rankings.

But I wouldn’t waste my time on it. It’s not going to get you huge traffic or anything. And backlinks from these types of sites generally are not valued as much, since they’re sort of a “free-for-all” type of thing.

Either way, it’s not going to hurt you, but your time would better be spent elsewhere.


I bought a directory submission service and it submitted my site on hundreds of directories but the only result i saw was the backlinks.

Directory submission can help you especially if the directory has a high PR.

I bought a directory submission service and it submitted my site on hundreds of directories but the only result i saw was the backlinks.

Yeah directory submission will result you of quality backlinks all over the internet,it will also help to improve your search engine rankings. The more incoming links you have pointing to your site, the easier it will be to claim the top search engine positions.

Well that was exactly the goal of submitting my site to the directories. I have several websites that I have written over the past couple months. I feel they have excellent content, and they make enough money given the amount of traffic they get, but I just feel that if I could get a better search engine result out of some of them, they are capable of so much more.

The benefit of directory submission isn’t that overwhelming as compared to other linkbuilding methods, but you can still get some benefits from it especially if you’re linking to a directory with good PR and reputation. As much as possible, submit your URL only to directories that are relevant to your site.

Directory submission sometimes can be irrelevant. However since it is FREE there is nothing to lose at least you have advertise and get 1 or 2 traffic from it.

I submitted my site to dozens of high PR directories because I kept reading it was a good thing to do. They have sent me no traffic over the past year and haven’t had any benefit for my pagerank or search engine results. Other tactics are far more useful.

As long as your article is listed in directories, you should get quality traffic and backlink regardless of the method you are using…

Directory submission is best for make back links but it is in low part when you talk about to increase traffic. Foe increse traffic you should do one way links with websites.


As opposed to what? You paid for a directory submission service & you got backlinks. What else were you expecting?

None of the SEO pros seem to recommend directory submission anymore other than just a few of the key directories. The only people that seem to recommend directory submission these days are those who own directories; the SEO kiddies; and the SEO wannabes.

I think its only worth if you do submission to 1000+ Directories and around 40-50 daily :slight_smile:

I guess I have to disagree… it depends on the directories that you’re submitting at.

I disagree as well. It’s much better to just submit to the top directories. The others might give you backlinks, but they aren’t worth very much. There are definitely better ways to spend your time than submitting to 1000 directories.


nowadays some of the directory have to cost u a few dollars
but they are more effective than those free directory subimission