How to easily submit site to many directories for free?

Hi all,

I have a dating site which has high page rank. To add its backward links, I am wondering how to easily submit site to many directories for free? Please let me know your ideas.:slight_smile:



If you already have a high PR then why are you worried about submitting to a ton of directory sites? Yes, it’s always a good idea to continue building links but you make it sound like you’re looking for links because of your high PR.

I don’t think there is any tool or system out there that will allow you to submit your site to multiple directories at once. I would start with the best directories (DMOZ, Yahoo) and work down from there.


as my website PR is only 1 , is it wise to submit it to lots of direcotries free?

As felgall mentions all the time, PR is essentially worthless. It is only used as a tie-breaker for websites in the SERP. There are maybe 100’s of other factors that will affect your search engine results position. Focus on those and just forget about your PageRank.


You are right, I don’t care PageRank at all. I want more quality reverse links only, because I learned that BackLinks owns a high weight.


You can use softwares, but I havent found a single one free though.

I have found plenty, I am a member on DP as well and once in a blue moon someone will offer this service:

That guy has a great iTrader rating, I am considering doing it for one of my sites.