Are Free Web Directories Still Good for SEO


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I am wondering if Are Free Web Directories Still Good for SEO. I still submit my websites to new directories but I don’t know for sure if they do any good.

I keep submitting to these directories as a routine.

any advice is appreciated.

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Directory submissions is good for SEO if you are using high PR sites more than 2 PR than it will surely help in SEO.

Not all the free directories are good for SEO…Before going to submit your site link you must to cheek that is the free directory is black listed or not on the other hand PR of a directory is an important issues

Manually submission of free web directory is still good for SEO. Google gives importance to back links. So you can get good back links form directory submission…

An online directory that just accepts any site submitted is not worth the paper it is printed on, not for SEO and not for marketing. It will end up with squillions of outbound links, and so it will only pass on about 1 atom of PR to each of those. And in terms of direct referrals, if there’s no quality control, no-one with any sense will be looking at it.

The more selective directories are about what they accept, the more worthwhile it is to submit your site to them - but the more work it is for you in crafting your submissions and ensuring they are targeted and relevant.

Hand submitting to directories still helps with ranking for anchor text. We have tested this repeatedly over the years including recently. What I don’t recommend doing is paying someone to submit your site to 10,000 directories. In that case it is more similar to “buying” links, rather than locating a good directory and then going through an editorial process. We try to encourage directory owners to go through an editorial process, and here is one article that we try to get them to read! :slight_smile:

There are all kinds of directories from general to niche to local, and just like any other site, it makes sense to get links on well maintained sites.

Definitely true that some won’t approve your link. I often recommend people look for lists of the best directories or find places where directories are being announced and look for the newer announcements. Site point even has a directory thread.

Free web directory submission is helpful in some way or other. However not all free directories approve our submission. Some approve instantly and some take 2 to 3 months. However we can get some backlinks for sure.

Every directory is fine, except if it is in a black list.
Check your PageRank, and the principal, if the directory is in the same niche of your site. The points you gain will be much better.

It is great for SEO. The only prob I see with it is doing it the correct way just takes longer than getting links from forums and social bookmarking etc…

Please show us proof of this testing. Simply saying you have done something is not helping the community.

Directory links are useless when wanting to rank for anything like competitive terms.

Show me 1 site that ranks for a money term using directory links.

Moving from #160 to #160 for a non-competitive term really isn’t good.

The ideal in every piece of SEO is that you start with a non-competitive keywords.
Even for conversions.
People searching for a key term are more willing to close business with your company.

I don’t think submission to free directories would realize the purpose of SEO. Submission to paid directories on the other hand would contribute a lot to SEO.

They are, they will always will be ! Link is a Link no matter where it come it can not hurt only help.


Generally speaking, all decent back links would be helpful for SERP purpose. But directory submission would be not so effective as it used to be since majority of free web directories would be low PR or no PR and usually come with not so good Alexa ranking. Even worse, you could not set up anchor text for suck links.

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It is one of the strategies to get popularity to your website. You possibly can merely submit your web hyperlink to the listing service providers. The directory service supplier in flip hyperlinks your web site to a specific category depending upon the kind of product or type of website.

It may be good and may be not. I depends.
Directories provide back links that is very important for your site, but people usually don’t’ know that the directories which they are using are good or not?
They may be in sand box or may be penalized by google, so in that case your site can also be affected.
So i suggest to submit your sites to only those directories which have high PR.


Submitting to those directories with nice Alexa ranking would be still helpful for traffic purpose. Like Dmoz listing is very goog for you site.

What about reciprocal links? I lot of web directories ask for reciprocal banners or links, I don’t wanna fill my website with banners and links…
So what should I do? Dose it worth you’re effort?

Dear Rancid I would like to suggest you that avoid using such directories which demand reciprocal links.There are thousands of directories available in the world of Internet and most of them provide facility to both paid and free submissions.
So you can choose whatever you want to be.