Services for online phone numbers in different countries?

I am curious to hear about if someone has any experience from services that offer online numbers for different countries.

I have had a Skype online number to for a while and it has worked fine. Now it is time to expand to other countries (UK, Switzerland, Germany etc).

I know it is possible to buy an online number to these countries via Skype but wonder if someone knows a service that is cheaper? Google Voice seems to have cheaper rates but as far as I can see, it is not possible to buy numbers to different countries. Twilio seems good but it is also only possible to get a number to quite a restricted number of countries.

Thankful for any insights!

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There are different services but to be honest my only experience is with Skype. I can’t vouch for the voice quality of any other.

[FONT=verdana]I might be misunderstanding your question, but why do you think you need a different number in different countries? Doesn’t your Skype number work anywhere in the world?

Apart from that, I would agree with Molona. Skype is the market leader, and has by far the widest coverage. It also has a giant corporation behind it. You might possibly find a slightly cheaper service elsewhere, but the whole technology is ridiculously inexpensive, so you are unlikely to save much money by switching.


I have only used skype & never faced this type of problem. But maybe you can get your answer by searching at Google.