Options for multiple 800 numbers?

The new company I’m working with has multiple shops/websites. They each have an 800 number for each shop, but I want to add a second 800 number for each website to effectively track calls coming from the websites. Would Google Voice be an option for something like this? It doesn’t look like it after reading their online documentation. What other options would we have for this? Not looking for lots of features, just a source to manage all the numbers easily and not ultra pricey.


I use ringcentral which is great, but it might be too much for your needs.

Sorry to bring this back from the dead, but wanted to ask a follow up question… at first I was looking for a solution that would provide two 800 numbers for one shop (we have multiple shops), one for web business and one for non-web business. This was based on the idea that we’d dump our existing solution. I came to the conclusion Google Voice wouldn’t be an option because it will only assign one number per customer/shop. But if we kept our existing solution in place for business cards and other non-web materials, and just added Google Voice for all of our web-related business, forwarding those calls to our existing solution, then we could track all web-related calls going through Google Voice, couldn’t we? We wouldn’t need Google to assign multiple numbers for one shop, just one number for one shop.

Am I right about this?

Sounds like the ringcentral virtual PBX would work well for you! You can port the numbers over, too. It also sounds like I have stock in ringcentral, but I dont!

I use RingCentral as well and am very happy with the flexibility of the system.