Best 800 number set up?

We are needing to get a 800 number for our e commerce online store,
Thinking about using skype Unlimited US & Canada for $2.99 a month,
We want to buy a 800 number to use with the skype account,
I have heard of people doing this before,
Anyone know of a good 800 number company that is cheap,
Who else has tried this set up and how did it work for me,
Hope someone can help,

Unfortunately, Skype doesn’t natively give you the option to by 800 numbers (or anything else that’s not regional). You would need to find a registrar of those numbers (no idea as to the best) and have that number routed to your Skype online number. Basically how it’ll work is your customer will call the 800 number (which you bought independently), that gets redirected to your online number (which you bought from Skype) and that’ll connect them to your Skype account. Sounds long winded, but it does work and it’s effective. This means that you’ll have two phone numbers, one with Skype at a local place (of your choice) and the 800 one. :slight_smile:

I found a list of numbers here,

I notice most of the places only 100mins to 200mins a month,
Will the minutes be deducted from my skype account of 800 number account,
When some one calls me that is and i hope most places include voice mail,
What is the best equipment to use like headphones with a mic like this,

I saw there is voip phones but they cost alot,
Is vonage any good saw they have a 800 number for $9.99 a month,
Just now sure if that is stand alone or you need a package plan,
Just needing a 800 number set up with in few weeks,

No it won’t deduct from you’re Skype minutes.

If you’re assigned 100 minutes a month by the 800 provider, then that’s their policy… not Skype (who aren’t associated with them). :slight_smile:

If i buy a 800 number from a 3rd party,
Then use skype for it what equipment should i buy,
What do all you guys use,
Thanks for all the help so far its very good information,
Look forward to more info,

What do you mean what equipment? You could use a Skype phone (there’s specific ones that work for it directly) or you could use a conventional headset + mic.

All the 800 number will do is redirect the call to your Skype account, if your stuff works with Skype, it’ll handle the call. :slight_smile:

I was just asking which works best do you think,
Cost wise headphone with built in mic,
Maybe a skype phone if its cheap enough,
What phones do use skype off the market besides a cel phone,

I honestly would go with a good quality headset, phones suffer all sorts of distortion (at least a computer can control most of that).

With headsets you really do get what you pay for, if you want something that’ll keep background noise to a minimum, look for noise cancellation as a feature. :slight_smile:

So when my computer is shut down it will go to voice mail on skype,
When i got the 800 number forwarded through my skype account,
On my computer right i have good noise canceling headphone,
Should i just find me a good mic to hook up maybe,

Well the thing is, most decent noise cancelling headsets have a good quality microphone built in, and you’re probably going to feel more professional talking through the headset than from a handheld microphone (which’ll feel like Karaoke!). But yes, if your computer is shut down, it’ll do like normal and go to Skype voice mail. The 800 number is simply redirecting the call to your Skype number, whatever happens from that point is whatever you have Skype setup to-do (which is convenient). :slight_smile:

Sounds like skype it is and find me a 800 service provider,
Just need to shop around for a headphone with a mic,
I guess i will find a plan with 200 to 300mins a month,
Will post if i think of anything else,

I think virtual PBX 800 number and skype looks like my best choices,
I found the mic i will get as well to do this voip,
Logitech 980186-0403 which as very good reviews,
Any other input before i buy all this,

Best toll-free number provider =

Been using them for several years now…reasonable pricing, have your toll-free number forwarded to any phone number you want, ability to manage your account yourself online, payments conveniently debited from your credit card.

We’ve never had any issues with these guys and do recommend…

We’ve been happy with

Those guys make me jumpy

How about virtualglobalphone, with forwarding to any numbers or Skype id