Business phone help

Hey guys, I have 2 different business and each requires a support phone. Right now I am using skype for both but I need to get a better set up. I need to be able to have multiple phone lines go into one single phone, but the problem is that I need to know what number the person is calling so I know what business the person is wanting to get info about (or make an order via phone).

I was thinking of using one cell phone and find a way to see what number the person is calling, does anyone know a good solution for this? Please let me know thanks.

You can program a custom phone service for yourself with the Twilio API. You could have it say the name of the line called before it passes you the live call whenever someone calls in.

Is there a better solution? Basically I am just looking for a way to have my cell phone tell me which number the customer is calling. I dont mind buying a new cell phone that has this option, but I dont want to code it heh.

thanks for your help :slight_smile:

You could get two Google Voice accounts. You’d know which one was forwarding you a call by the different caller IDs.

I wouldn’t consider that a “better” solution, since Twilio can do that for you too. “Easier” maybe :slight_smile:

Haven’t used them yet myself, but sounds like it’ll do just what you need.

See what you think.


This is actually a good solution, but I need to run 3 phone lines now. So I dont think it will be the best solution. :frowning:

Someone needs to make a company that finds a fix for this, I am sure I am not the only one who has this problem heh.

If it didn’t involve any programming, would my proposal (you pick up the phone, the name of the line called is read to you before the call is connected) work?

If not, what would the optimal solution be in your mind?

I could build that service in a day… maybe someone DOES need to make a fix for that? :wink:

Hey Dan,

You talking about right? I can program that to I just dont have the time, Im working 10-12 hour days as is heh. What do you think it will cost to have this kind of solution? You can make the phone number show up on say a blackberry? So I will be able to have all 3 phone numbers go to a blackberry?

I might be interested, let me know somemore details about the cost and what not :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter what your device is, you just tell Twilio to dial your phone number and it connects the incoming call to the number it dialed. Each number you add would cost $5 per month, plus a few cents per minute while talking. They can provide toll free or local numbers.

Or you could use one phone number and ask the caller to enter an extension. Give them a different extension for each purpose.