Can you make phone calls through the net in your country?

can you make phone calls through the net in your country?
what are the costs involved?

Most countries can, unless you have never heard of VoIP applications like Skype? has their pricing scheme for calls :slight_smile:

I make phone calls through skype…it is quite cheap!

How cheap?

yes skype! I’m using it whenever I’m on video chatting also for calling check the skype webpage for more information that you need to know.

Yeah…i also use skype for local and international calls + video calls. It really works great and costs cheap. Visit the skype pages, it will give you more information.

yups , skype is very popular in my country ,its very cheap and also provide video confrencing facility.

ya i agree … you acn also use magic jack

magic jack?? never heard of that one? is it new??

I use a web phone developed by my own country,the rate is very cheap
US ¥0.14
China ¥0.06

Well my mobile service provider itself is providing so cheap tariff that i don’t need Skype

voice chat is a godsend :tup: totally free!

I use skype. I pay a small fee (8 euros I think) and I can do free call to landlines and mobile lines anywhere in the world. Quality is good too. Sometimes there’s a bit of noise but for 8 euros I can’t ask for more :smiley:

Molona, that’s not entirely true, only a few countries have cellphone coverage on Skype (without incurring additional cost), the subscriptions only cover those nations which allow for free mobile calls (beyond the local rate regional numbers). Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and the USA are the only ones covered. No Australia, Europe, UK or other nations. If the UK had cell phone included in subscriptions I would be more tempted to use one. :slight_smile:

Alex is right. Skype unlimited world is basically limited to landlines. Calling mobile phones will cost you additional. Also the monthly fee is 10.29 Euro after taxes.