Toll-Free Number service providers?

Does anyone know of a good company to go through to get a toll-free number?

Our current provider merged with Verizon and cannot issue any new toll-free numbers, so I’m wondering if they may discontinue the service soon.

Any leads on a reliable provider would be appreciated.

We use Kal8 and so far so good.

Is that works great for me! is nice for forwarding numbers if you want to track varrious campaigns or channels but don’t want to switch providers.

We use Freedom Voice. A bit more expensive than the others, but well worth it. I have always believed in you get what you pay for and that was the biggest reason we went with them. We have been with them for about 3 1/2 years and extremely happy with their services and support

I use Kall8 too and their services are almost identical to Ringcentral, but I went with Kall8 because it cost less to get started when not sure of how much I’d actually use it. If you know you’re going to need the minutes anyhow, Ringcentral looks like a nice solution too.

Yeah, we’re seasonal so we only use the number for like 3 months a year. Paying monthly is dumb so we went with Kall8 because you pay $2/month and then by the minute.

Anybody know what the per minute charges are for Kall8, Freedom Voice, and

RingCentral has different pricing based on volume. It’s all on their website under the plans/rate tab.

Depending on the package for Freedom Voice, it varies. They have a non-prepaid offer which is 6.9 and 4.4 cents. Basically while the caller is listening to the message or leaving a voice mail, it is 6.9 cents a minute. If connected, then it is 11.3 cents a minute (for the United States and Canada).

They have pre-paid plans as well. Up to 750 units a month and it is 5.5 / 5.5 cents. Meaning that during the message, is is 5.5 cents a minute and when the caller is connected, it is 11 cents a minute.

Then over 1,000 they have 4.5 / 4.5 cents. If you think you are going to have over 5,000 you can call them for a their rates.

Kall 8 Rates, [url=]Freedom Voice Rates and [url=]RingCentral rates should help as well. Some do a double leg billing and some don’t. Freedom Voice does. Some people do not like this, but it is understandable. Might as well through in [url=]GotVMail’s Rates as well.

You will see Freedom Voice a bit more expensive as I have said in the past, but well worth it. As a lot of companies are changing thier customer service protocol’s, this helps to keep Freedom Voice customer service line open.

And it is based in the United States (San Diego actually (unfortunately)) - they have had the problems with the fires but we have not noticed any issues with our number. I think they might have a backup in another state which helps.

The only problem with any of these providers is they all have a monthly fee for each number. My current provider just had a one time setup fee (which they gave back after a year) and then they only charge 5.5 cents per minutes. Each account comes with 5 toll free numbers.

I guess I’m spoiled, cause I wouldn’t want to pay like $9.95 per toll-free number (about $50/mo), plus $70 to $80 per month in usage.

I’ll keep looking to see if I can find any plans comparable to my own. The only thing wrong with my current provider is they’ve been bought out by Verizon and they aren’t issuing any more toll-free numbers…which makes me wonder at what point do they discontinue all toll-free numbers across the board?

This is what prompted me to start looking around…

Anybody ever happen to run across a provider that doesn’t have a monthly fee on each toll-free number, and only charges so many cents per minute???

I have not seen any that charges set fee instead of monthly and fees. They have to make money on number so they charge fee each month.

Yes, AND they also charge a per minute fee.

I’d like to find a provider that works with just what they make on what they charge per minute only.

As a Business Services Manager for an outsourced inbound call center (and no, I don’t work for who I’m going to recommend), I have to say that Kall8 is by far the best provider out there. The pricing is honest (KM Richards, it’s per-minute. No silly packages.) and very low, the frills are worthwhile and appropriate, and the company operates on a “No BS” philosophy which is very refreshing. I’ve referred clients there time and time again who need multiple toll free numbers.

Yes, each number has a $2 monthly fee which isn’t too bad.
I’ll check them out.

So…why the affiliate link? :rolleyes:

I always look at the URL and then type it in direct to bypass the affiliate link.
Those guys out to get their own domain and have it redirected to their affiliate link if they want to fool a few folks.

Most people think they’ll get a better deal if they go direct, so they’ll be sure to bypass the affiliate link.