Same article, different directories

I write articles my self. Can I post same article about same topic on different directories at the same time?

of course you can

it won’t do you much good, though

Would it do more to hurt you than help?
Or just a neutral effect?

that would depend on what you are expecting as a consequence of your actions

why would anyone want to post the same article in multiple directories?

I’m not sure, if the article had more than one subject?
If it involved graphic design and web design, what directory would it be in?

well, this forum being the “seo” forum, i can safely guess why someone would consider posting the same article in more than one directory

i was kinda hoping the opportunist would reply, as it was his question

my advice is don’t bother, it’s not worth the effort

What do you actually mean to say? Will it be considered as spam?

After Google’s Panda Updates it strictly warns us to don’t Do Duplicate content . their should be no Duplicate content on our site - Article Submission is the biggest Target after Panda update

I won’t recommend you to post the same article (having same title) in different categories. It won’t give you the desired results. However, there are some article website which don’t have the exact category in which you could post your article.Then, you have to look for the closest category for posting. For example:

Suppose, you have an article with a Title: How to do Internet Marketing?

Article Website A has the exact category for it - “Internet Marketing” and Article Website B has “Marketing” category (not Internet Marketing or SEO). But obvious you would definitely post your article in Internet Marketing in Article Website A but since Article Website B has broad category and it is close to that type, so should post your article in Internet Marketing.

This would definitely give you expected results rather than to posting in different category.

So you simply mean to say that we should not submit same article on different article sites. As it will definitely be duplicate content.

If you want same article submit in article directories then just spin your article before submission. otherwise you could face penalty from google.

Bad plan. If you are ‘spinning’ your article enough to make it look like it is different from the original version, then either (a) it’s going to be a huge load of work, effectively rewriting the article, to do it properly, or (b) it’s going to look like an article that’s been written by Elizabot, nobody will want to read it and your reputation will plummet.

Why would you want to have multiple variations of your own article out there? That’s just going to lead to confusion, and makes you look dodgy and untrustworthy. Write one article, post it one place, and then promote it in others.

I’m surprised all the responses are leaning one way so far.

I’ve read up about this over the last few months and people are getting success using the same article on different article directories (providing the same author name is being used).

Isn’t this what “article syndication” is all about ??

After Panda update, Google is very strict about the duplicate content and is dropping down the rankings of websites using duplicate content. It is of no use to submit same article on different directories as Google will consider only one out of these in the rankings and rest would go in vain.

Don’t do this. Posting same article in different directory means posting duplicate article. It will give you nagative result due to Google Panda update.

You can write one article and then submit it to tens of different directories but did you know that article submission, compared with some years ago, has lost values and even effectiveness, from SEO aspects? Duplicate contents would be the matter discussed in this connection and your copied materials online will be like each other, even links gained from the passages will not help your website that much.

Some webmasters even oppose the whole idea of spending time to write some high quality materials and then simply posting them on other directories than theirs because quality materials will help websites, so why giving them freely to others? Of course from traffic building aspects, submitting a few articles to directories could help sites, especially the newly set up ones but always try to post contents on your own site.

Sometimes other bloggers want to publish our articles in their blogs. In this case, should we tell them just “No!”?

If I had write the article for my site and i can’t submit it in to the multiple article directory sites, so what is use of my writing an article? As per my experience i have submitted the Same article to a multiple site and they have been approved and live. Only squidoo and hub page wants the fresh and unique content. If i am wrong any where please correct me.

exactly!! :cool:

Pretty much, yes. Suggest that they have a ‘teaser’ – the headline and then one or maybe two paragraphs, and then a link to the full article on your site. If you allow other people to publish the full article, you’re unlikely to get much, if any, credit for it. People will remember the site where they read the article, rather than who wrote it.