Directories submission rules


i always used to think 1 article if i submit to 100 directories i get more links but today i was reading these article it says we need to submit to max 10 to 15 best directories one single article if you do more…your website will be penalized by saying duplicate content and more over Google may ban your website… how far it is true ??

It sounds like I do what a lot of other users do. When we write an article for an article directory, we take that 1 article and submit it to three directories. Then, I rewrite it. Basically, the structure of the article is the same and the same points are covered. But, I rearrange the words in a sentence to make it unique. I then submit that article to three more directories. I do the entire process one more time to submit to three more directories.

Finally, I then rewrite the article again and place it on my website.

why are you posting 1 article in 100 sites Google don’t like this Google consider this as a duplicate content just try to submit this article in 10 to 20 directories.

All article directories aren’t created equal. Don’t waste your time submitting to “100” directories because much less than that really matter when it comes to IM.:slight_smile:

just to be safe… just do a slight revisions on the article/s and of course on the title to make it unique or slightly unique… but still put your desired keyword/s … :slight_smile:

as long as you wont pass the article in the same directory site its fine…i’ve been passing 1 article in different article directories, and it works fine with me

I think it’s okay to submit 1 article to different submission sites as long as you change titles or some keywords and even descriptions.

I write 5 articles per day and I submit each one to 5 different directories. Then I take that one article and change it and place it on my site. I have never been penalized and I probably never will. The only bad thing is you will never see all 6 of these articles on the same page of google, they are too smart for that and that would ruin google.

I write one article and submit on 100 article directories never get penalized…

I dont think that is the case. If that was true Wikipedia with duplicate content would be banned :lol:

It seems like posting article up to 10 good directories is best way to go. Do not waste time on posting to a hundreds of low quality ones, it will only create negative effect.
Instead, write 10 articles (or one main and 9 variants of it) and post each to 10 good directories.

Its best to change the article before posting to another article directory, especially if it is one of the bigger article directories.

While making the directory submission we have to do key submissions, is to carefully follow the guidelines of each directory regarding both the number and types of back-links you embed in your content. Directory submissions is a wonderful way to increase traffic to your website if it is completed in a thoughtful, creative, and thorough manner.So,place just right keywords is necessary for directory submission.

if you are submitting 1 article to many directories then google can penalize your site

you see… google can penalize you if you get links from low quality sites… those free article submission sites are mostly very low quality… 0-1 pagerank… poor incoming links, maybe they are on some spammy hosts etc
so if you have a link from 5-10 of those directories… it will not do any harm, but if you have 50-100, Google may think that you are a junk website too and penalize you

ya i am doing the same iam submitting the 1 article in many directories but i did not get penalize buy google
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lol how can we do that… ?? i usually do paid submission at but i dont see much of the results may be too much of competition for the keywords i am targeting or else may be google bots became smart about prweb submission

thanks alot… :slight_smile: its really helpful

Basically if the article isn’t unique Google will put it in the supplemental index. It’s a link but doesn’t really hold the weight a normal unique article link would hold. Plus it is just spamming really.

I totally agree with you. But this kind of popular sites are usually more strict than others and not easy to find. From your words, I guess you must have rich experience with it, can you share with us some of these popular sites?