Duplicate Article Submissions

Can anyone answer me on the following, is it good to publish the same article to multiple article directories on a regular basis , is this classed as duplicate content?
Or is it better to publish for example 1 unique article to say several article diectories each week?

Publishing the same article to many directories is good for web site promotion or not?

Google is going to tend to favor the first one they discover and consider the others duplicates.

It’s better to submit only one website.

In all honesty i think it is pretty much a waste of time. You will get far better results from one time submissions. The search engines crave fresh content, not content which is regularly republished.

It is much better to submit to those sites that has higher authority. Submitting articles to multiple directories may not assure you of getting them indexed by search engines.

There are a lot of softwares and applications that can spin the articles and give you the unique post every time so is it okay to make use of such services or to submit the new article in every directory?

no, it is not okay

article spinners produce garbage

You get No Loss - No Profit if you publish it to multiple directories. So why do you want to do it? But there is a way you can benefit if you consider to submit your article to only top directories by making your article at least 50% unique in each of them.

I think its good to submit in those article directories which have good PR and good image. That can only be beneficial.

Its not possible that you can write a complete fresh article every time and this is also not a good solution to post a duplicate content on the many article directories. In my opinion we need to spin article every time about 30 to 40% before submitting it in various article directories. Title should be unique every time.

Submit one unique article in 25 article directories.

You can do that anyway it would be best not to submit the article in renown article submission sites like ezineartilces or goarticles.But in rest of them you may submit the same article.

I got my site ban from using article spinners, please try and use orginal content for all your articles

You can make different shorter articles to submit in directories with a link direct to your site or to the main article on your site. In that way, your submitted articles will not be considered as duplicate.

Posting the same article is not good but most of the website owners are doing it. I would like to suggest you use unique article for all sites.

Not necessarily. I’ve used UAW and really liked it. Plus, you can always review the submissions before they go out. I think they really hack around this problem of duplicate content in multiple submissions vis-a-vis unique content with limited publication.

Well, technically, you’re suppose to send unique articles to wherever it is you’re submitting articles to. I personally think it’s ok to create 1 unique article and submit it to various article directories. This will help you build more do-follow backlinks and therefore help your site’s page rank. It will not help the articles themselves reach the top of the search engines because they’ll see duplicate content. So, it has its pros and cons. Personally, I create a unique article and submit it to various directories.

Also, for those of you who look down on article submitters and spinners look up Article Marketing Robot. It has changed my internet marketing career. Google it, it’s worth your time.