Article Submission?

Can any one guide me that is it essential to post my article on my web site first and then i should start my article posting on different article directories or i can post my article on directories without posting it on my web site?

You can start posting your articles in to different article sites without posting it in to your website. The articles for submission is different with what we write for our website. If you post the same article which is in your web page to the other article directory site then it can be consider as a duplicate article.

Even posting same article in different directories will be considered as a duplicate content. It is always good to post one unique article in one good ranking article directory. In simple language, do not post one article in ten different directories, just post it in one directory.

If you want to attract people to your website, you should post the article on your site only, and then try to get links and teasers from other sites. Every time your article appears in full on some other site, that takes away a chunk of your potential readership, who can read the article without visiting your site, and who will associate the article with the site where they read it, rather than with your site.

I will suggest you to write two different write ups one for your website and the other for article submission directories. The format would be different for both. Because if you ll post same article on your website and on different article directories it will be considered as duplicate content, any how if you post only to article directories then it will not be considered because it will be published under the same author bio on all the article directories.

Spun content from a single original article where the uniqueness is over 60% may be submitted to article directories, so far I am concerned about it. The only interest here is to have backlinks. Still I 'd appreciate any idea.

Sorry to have to keep on disagreeing with you, but this is nonsense.

There are many effective ways of increasing your traffic without submitting articles. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with sumbitting articles - there isn’t - but there’s no way it can be considered “essential”.


When you submit your one article to multiple directories, your articles becomes duplicate (same content is available on different URLs). And, Google tend to filter duplicate pages from the search result. So, it doesn’t matter how many submissions you have made… You one article will reflect in search results.

I don’t find any big benefit of article submission. You can try with blogging instead.

I also didn’t find anything good about article submission to various websites. Rather than this, it is good to add unique and informative content to your website blog and promote it and get backlinks for this in order to get high search engine rankings. Moreover, you can also do guest blogging for same themed popular blogs and that would bring huge traffic to your website.

I agree. Nothing can beat fresh, informative content. Better to put all your efforts into that, rather than spend the time on article submission or similar schemes.


Since the OP hasn’t bothered to come back to this thread, I doubt it holds much interest/importance to him/her. As such, since it’s getting very fluffy, I’m closing it. If the OP does want to know more, he/she’ll have to repost with more specific questions.