Review my webpage design (Honest opinions only please)

I have done the main page of my web design (Not the whole thing). Before I can proceed in peace, I need someone to comment on the main page first.

What do you think?

Just say anything, at least:

Very nice

or nice

or average

or bad

or very bad.


The first thing I should see on the site is a clear indication of what the site is for. Big pictures of buildings are not worth much, really. Even reading down a bit, “provider of healthcare solutions” doesn’t mean anything to the average Joe.

Also, make sure not to put critical info in images alone—such as the logo and doctor names.

Thanks for your input. but cosmetic wise, how is it?

Based on what you said, I changed it a little - I added in a call to action

Hi congun1, two minor suggestions: I’d remove that striped space at the very top, as well as that grey area between the images and “We Connect You To The Specialists”… looks a bit as if something was broken there. And the “doctors” dropdown is rather longish, you might consider splitting this into several columns. But apart from that, I think it’s quite neat and tidy all in all.

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