Feedback of web design

Hello, I needed feedback for a web design I’m working on. What can be changed to make this better or what flows are present that should be fixed? Is the landing page boring? I’m new with web design so any criticism will be greatly appreciated!

The landing page looks great.
I think it can increase leads fast.

Okay thank you. How’s the overall design?

Hah! I didn’t know you could click on the image to see all of it. So I thought it is just the landing page.

1. Use less different Typography.

The content looks out of place. Sometimes you use very big size for the content, and then smaller one.
Especially the green links are very distracting with their smallest font size.

Use 2-3 sizes for headings, and only 1 size for the overall content. It is still ok to use different styles for the green bubble, button etc. but pure content should be one size.

2. Prioritize Content

Depends on your customer, but the design and title of a website should already be face enough.
Put your service and products first, only then talk about yourself.
Talk about the customer - the reader. About his problems, how the company helps!

3. Weak content Phrases

“A X that does Y” is a pretty weak and powerless phrase.
Try to focus on the service and product the company is offering and what problems it solves, not what it does to do that. The magic doesn’t happen in the bureaucracy they fulfill, the real magic is how they help to solve their customers problems. This should be the main focus. Especially in this delicate topic

wow thats very insightful. Do you help with one on one tutor? I can use some major help!

I sent you a private message.

You’ll help everyone learning if you keep posting them in public. This way you are not limited to my feedback.
However, I’m happy to help.

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Okay perfect! This truly means a lot! Thank you Martin!

I have no design questions. Everything looks nice. I recommend adding you FAQ and contact form. It will help the user to quickly find information or contact the team.

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