Please review my site

Hi everyone,

Just joined today and looking forward to learning and sharing more in this forum.
I am currently working on a new website for my cosmetic surgery company and aiming to make it as simple as possible for our visitors.

Could you please take a look at my website and suggest any way I could improve the look as well as ease of use of the website. Here is the link

Greatly appreciated

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The website itself gives me a pretty good feeling, just one issue: the font is pretty difficult to read, especially when smaller letters are used.

I agree with the issue of text legibility. The pale grey #808080 has insufficient contrast with the white background. (Try this tool to check this and similar issues. I also found the look of the home page a little odd, with all text centred. IMHO, it would be better to have the paragraphs left-justified.

I’m sorry, but I’m also seeing numerous problems with your home page. It is taking over 30 seconds to finish loading, and there are large blank sections. The Web Developer Toolbar is reporting 54 broken images, which would account for the gaps. It also reports a large page size with numerous with scripts and style sheets. This many server requests will not help with page load speed.

I’m seeing a problem with the header layout:

The coding is very haphazard, resulting in an inconsistent display.

There are multiple errors in the HTML - some simple typos, such as"spam" indstead of “span”. These all need to be fixed.

I didn’t go beyond the home page.

I’m sorry if this seems negative, but you need to be aware of the issues issues. If you need any help in fixing the problems, please feel free to head over to the appropriate area(s) of the forum and ask.


Thankyou for the feedback it will be taken into account.

Have a great day

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Hi, this just my non-expert opinion. I think overall your website is pretty clear and straight-forward. It just struck me as presenting too much information in one page, I think it is just me and I like to be able to read the first page in a very short time.

I also like bright colors and to me your website seems a little bit “dark” but this is just a personal preference; I think I’d like it more if it had a lighter hue of the same color.

This just my first take as a user and a beginner designer.

I hope this helps.

I agree with thinking you need to make a homepage more simply and useful.]
And color scheme is too dark.