Returning to Adsense

A few years ago I had a couple of sites just with Adsense on them I got the 1 a lingerie site up to about $400 a month before Google removed the ads too risky they said! Anyway I developed a site selling tanning lotions which I sold last year, and now I live in Spain, I want to get back into Adsense again, in the past my sites were all hand made and I put on articles on a daily basis and added links. I see now a ton of premade Adsense sites for sale with auto updating content etc, my question , are they any good or is it still best to build from scratch? My idea is to develop say 100 sites over the next 2 years and if they only make a couple of bucks a day thats fine. I would welcome any advice as I say I have been out of this for a while and am sure a lot of things have changed.

Auto updating always performs fairly poorly. 99% of the time, people go to your website because the search engines deem it to be “high quality” enough to put you to the top of the search engines.

Now-a-days, everyone advertises these auto-blogs. They are going to make you pennies on the dollar, but probably never $400 per month…

That’s just my $0.02.

Thanks for your reply, I think I will go my old route of biulding them by hand. I wonder if a Blog or Website would be best and what would the optimum number of pages would be. still in 2 minds of either 100 small sites or 5-10 big ones any thoughts?

Build it by hand, and build something of value which advertisers will continue to want to advertise on. We have enough of these worthless MFA sites, in my opinion.

What is MFA?

Made For Adsense - A (generally worthless) site that’s auto filled with stolen content, in the hopes that you’ll visit it and click on one of the hundreds of ads that are pasted all over the page.

hahahahahaha TOO TRUE!

I must say though… that’s how I started out affiliate marketing. I was like everyone else who wanted to make a buck without spending a buck or working hard…

I came to realize that building a business online is just like building a business offline - hard work, and expensive!

Great lessons learned, though!

Cheers to that :slight_smile:

Yes I agree, I think I will just stick to what I built before, hand made with my own content updated regulary. still dont know if website or blog is best and optimum number of pages for each one.

5-10 websites is a good idea to limit the number of sites to take care of because each one should require time. Website or blog, it’s really all the same, you should use Drupal 7 anyway to create your site. The answer to the optimum number of pages is “as much as you can, no limit”, the more the better. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know of a good template to use? I dont want a MFA site just a good template to put my own content in.