Sell, abandon or invest?

Hello–I’ve been dabbling in website building and blogging for the fun of it but I’ve grown tired of it. I’ve created a number of blogs and built out some original content. I’m getting something like $5 in adsense revenue a month and about 150 hits a day for the better ones, but I’m not particularly interested in pouring any more time into these. They have some good original content but I haven’t done anything other than that to promote these sites.

Anyway, in your opinion, are these sites worth any more than the $19 listing fee over on the Marketplace?

Good suggestion from @lilyadams: you should be able to reduce your outlay if you put them on the one auction - which we allow at Flippa.

Try taking a look at the Just Sold section on Flippa to see what other sites sold for with similar AdSense return.

Maybe you should try packaging all of the sites into one single auction. It would look more appealing to a buyer as all 4 sites you own have PR.

It you do decide to sell, please post the auction/results here as I would be interested to see how it turns out.

If its making $5 a month in adsense and it costs $19 to list…I doubt anyone will buy it. You could try to sell your content…for example I know like buys good reviews…and Im sure there some kind of exchanges where people are looking for articles. If you think your articles are good try selling them…but as for listing it in marketplace I don’t think anyone will buy.