Adsense on Affiliate Website?

Hi Everyone,
I would appreciate all your suggestions. I really need your help right now.

I am running an affiliate marketing website and I am thinking for having an adsense approved on it. Would it be a wise decision to have an adsense on the affiliate marketing website?

I would need your suggestions. Is my blog worth the shot for applying for Adsense or should I wait for some time?
Please all suggestions are appreciated.

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You will need to assess whether the quality of your content is sufficient for you to be approved.

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Hi glester361,

I think the answer depends. If you’re a small website that only gets a few hundred impressions a month, that it probably isn’t worth it. It would more likely be worth it to focus on the user experience instead. Plus, when you’re that small, you don’t make a lot. You’d probably only make a few bucks a month.

So is your website teaching readers about affiliate marketing, or do you mean your website provides affiliate links to other peoples’ products/services?

It depends on the type of website you have. If you are offering different affiliate programs, then it’s better to concentrate just on them. I think that you can make more money through affiliate programs than applying for Adsense. You can simply link to Amazon and start earning commissions from Amazon sales. I’ve heard that there are a lot of different tools to find the right product that people are interested in. Adsense is good only if you have traffic of more than 1000 people monthly.

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Thanks to all who contributed.

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