Link Building with Adsense on the Site

I’m wondering if anybody else thinks it’s best to build links and get the ranking before adding adsense to the site. Some directories seem to deny a few URLs I have and the only reason I can think of is adsense is on the sites.

Also, and probably more important, do you think you are in more danger of click bombing by building links with adsense on the site? Just curious if anybody else has experience with this. Thanks in advance for your time.

Anybody? Oh well, I’ve been building links both ways and have found it not to matter too much. I was just wondering if anybody else had any experience.

I doubt that you were denied inclusion in directories because of adsense. I submit sites without adsense that also weren’t listed.

If you were denied a link because of AdSense (which is unlikely) then adding AdSense after getting the link would just result in your losing that link. I doubt that the presence or absence of AdSense is the reason for any decision about whether or not to provide a link though since there are lots of sites with AdSense. The decision is far more likely to have been made based on the appropriateness of the actual page content.