Can you recommend a web host?


We are currently using basic shared hosting with GoDaddy hosting for a business. We probably receive 100’s of visitors each day.

I have seen this list of web hosts but when I go through to the hosts’ web site, it either looks like an American Site or it does not look professional enough.

Top 10 Web Hosting Companies

I have also seen which looks professional.

I am considering upgrading to a Virtual Server. I could upgrade with GoDaddy. The other options I am currently looking at are and

Do you have any other suggestions. The web site is being redesigned using PHP, MySQL, CSS.

Matt. (slow speed)
True, probably one of the slowest hosts I’ve tried. Surprisingly though, uptime wasn’t all that bad.

You got very basic requirements… most of the host to support PHP mysql and CSS, but I think by now you might have selected your host …can you update this thread which host you selected?

You can check out these:

  1. Hostgator
  2. Jaguarpc

Checkout the following if you like to use cloud platform: (they use (cloud hosting)

Had bad experience with the following: (slow speed)
yahoo web hosting (email spam, slow)
ixwebhosting (no cron jobs, sendmail problems, etc.)

Dreamhost, hostgator and godaddy by far are the most reliable web host I could recommend. Options will be at your discretion.

We may not be able to say whether they are professional by looking at them, check contacting support, also do some research before you signup read through TOS, reviews, up-time and feedback from customers.

Do you need a dedicated processing, how much you expect your bandwidth per month would be and the hosting space? calculate them and then decide whether you would need a VPS or Shared hosting. GoDaddy is a best registrar and not good in hosting.

I donot believe so called top hosts ,i think is not bad ,at least the support is very good.

I feel even with good uptime, what is the point if speeds are always slow?
They are simply good registrars but not good hosts.

For hosting, I’ll keep my alternative.

That type of “top hosts” site usually has no real goal other than maximize income via affiliate commissions. The tops themselves are, at best, a personal opinion of the site’s owner.

Are you not satisfied with Godaddy? What is it that bothers you most?

Fasthosts is owned by 1and1 (or its parent company, I don’t really recall). In any case, there should be plenty of feedback on both (most I’ve read didn’t seem so stellar). I don’t seem to recall reading anything about They’re probably very much UK focused. Is that what you’re looking for, a UK based host?

I am considering upgrading to a Virtual Server.

Are you sure you need to do that? Your traffic levels don’t seem to suggest that shared hosting isn’t a feasible solution for you anymore.

Try to find out the reliability factor and level of customer support of the host you wish to bond with.

I’ll suggest Hawkhost. I’m currently with them. There live support may not be fantastic but they have a good ticket system. Plus they run on Litespeed which is way faster than apache.

Personally, I use and it works really good and much cheaper than other WebHosting Server

What ever webhost you consider, I would recommend doing a search at WebHostingTalk before signing up with that provider. See what kind of experiences others have had with that company.

As ldcdc said, most of those “top sites” pages are affiliate links with users trying to increase their referrals. Doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bad, but their intentions can be watered down.

Since you are currently on a shared plan, I recommend starting out with a basic low end VPS. Test out a whole bunch of hosts and see which one sticks.

Godaddy is not giving great experience to many folks. It can be seen anywhere. as per your requirements, you can go for hostgator, lunarpages or bluehost. These are all good. I will prefer hostgator. I had a great experience with it. They had given an excellent services.

TOP ten sites or TOP100 ones are used by their owners to advertise other companies.
Ratings are built by money paid each web host. That is not an indicator at all which web host is better or worse. You need to understand that and understand that you and only decide which one is good for you.

Matt, are you still looking for reliable web hosting service provider ?
100’s of visitors a day is not a big deal, shared hosting should suffice your needs but if you need more resources with complete freedom then you can certainly go with VPS or Cloud Server.
Since you will have root access to your server you can host websites based on PHP, MySQL, CSS etc…

You can see —ipage—.Cheap and best qualitative.

You can check tmzvps or wiredtree. They provide fully managed vps server. Daily data backup. Both provide excellent email support.

I’ve been reasonably impressed with Hostmonster initially as well (some 2 years ago), but over time things got worse. However, it may very well have been just me ending up on a jinxed server.