Which site do you prefer for Web hosting?

Hello, I am looking forward to host my site. I would like to know your favorite hosting service company.

What are your requirements?

There are several good options out there. A very very long time ago, 2005 maybe 2006, I used both TotalChoiceHosting.com and HostDime.com. Both were good at the time. TotalChoice didn’t give as many resources, but they performed better, and had less issues. HostDime had massively more resources, but I had more problems.

It’s worth noting, the amount of resources usually doesn’t matter at all. It matters how many customers are stuffed onto each server. Some hosts oversell more than others. Honestly, all web hosts oversell in some way, just some are more responsible with how they do it.


Force Flow’s question is CRITICAL to a good answer.

That said, I’ve been using various hosts for many years and have settled on WebHostingBuzz (dot com or dot co dot uk) for three accounts (dedi, specialized [Joomla] and shared) for their outstanding support staff along with top quality hardware and software and very reasonable prices (IMHO, too low for what they provide). With their wide range of plans, I’m sure you’ll find something to fit your needs.



Market is flooded with hosting service providers. First check online credibility of some good, reputed and leading web hosting companies and then select one for your web needs. You may check online reliable, affordable and cheap hosting providers.

are you looking for some reliable provider ? You may check with hosting review sites, but be careful as many of them are affiliated and some people are getting paid to post positive reviews.
Some of good review sites I can recommend are : hostsearch.com , [URL=“http://www.webhostranking.com/reviews/”]Webhostranking.com and [URL=“http://www.cheap-hosting-providers.com/”]Cheap-Hosting-Providers.com

Good luck.

It’s a long time to see these names again :slight_smile: TCH was one of my hosts long long time before too. And HD, in fact, I had big trouble with one of their sister companies. I don’t even remember its name, cause it’s about 12 years ago.

Just checked TCH site and still impressed. I believe they are still doing good jobs.

Dear Pradip,

if you are new in blogging , and till not have any your own website, you are suggested to open a free blog from blogger or wordpress. And start your blogging dream. After some experience buy a paid domain ( i recommend godaddy) and publish that domain from your google blogspot host without any extra cost. It will be better for you. ’


I wouldn’t recommend Godaddy , due to many negative feedbacks from their customers. They might be good in domain registrations, but hosting…
Depending on OP’s requirements, I’d suggest to start with the local hosting providers which you can contact anytime and getting know them could be much easy. Review sites are good point to start as well.

Dear Martin

Actually i recommend Godaddy only for domain registration . Because if you use free Google Blogger blogspot website , you can easily integrate your paid domain with blogger blogspot existing site with out pending any extra penny. For example view my website’s Jobrule . This specific domain is bought from Godaddy and hosted in Google.

Martin, i appreciate with your view that hosting plan buying from local host always better for communication. However, thanks for reply.


Actually, it doesn’t matter where will you get domain name. Every domain can be configured and pointed to any website, server IP or nameservers. That doesn’t require to be from Godaddy, etc.

As the OP has never returned to this thread to explain their requirements, and the discussion is starting to wander off-topic, I think it’s time to close the thread.

Thanks to all who contributed.