Facebook v Twitter

Facebook v Twitter who is getting big traffic flow.both sites are popular in the world.

Twitter is better than facebook because it has a top rank in Google ranking.Facebook have a 9th rank but Twitter have 10th rank in Google ranking.Thats why i prefer twitter than facebook.

Twitter is best. Twitter is very useful platform increasing traffic because its a link based service.

getting twitter followers is little bit easy instead of getting real likes on facebook…

It is like comparing the number of submarines to the number of space ships. While one may be more popular than the other it still can’t serve the purpose the other has.

What category or metric are we comparing them in? That would be a more useful discussion/debate.

I think twitter is the best. Its user are huge. You can get every moment upgrade news on twitter. Its also brings huge traffic for your site .

I think it depends on what you are going to promote but really it is more useful to operate on Twitter than on Facebook, I’d prefer Twitter.

There is no doubt with that Gracy. Compared to both twitter is used for targeted and niche audience.

Facebook and Twitter both are good to increase traffic. If twitter is good for me it means is not that it will be useful for you as well. It varies person to person and promotion techniques. Each people has separate purpose to use Facebook and Twitter and it decides which is best for him.

I’d prefer Twitter as well. Easy to manage, easy to getting more followers that getting more Facebook likes and brings a huge traffic on websites.

In India,Facebook is more popular than twitter, even though both are social media platform, target customer and purpose of both are different.

Both twitter and facebook are the best traffic generator website, we get million of traffic from these two. But on my view twitter is the best one. Thanks

Why do you think that? Do you think that Twitter is better than Facebook generally, or just more useful for the purposes of your business?

This thread doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, as the replies posted are mostly pretty vague. To anybody who wants to contribute, please make sure any reply from now on gives some detail as to why you think one is better than the other. What experience is your view based on? Or have you read an interesting and informative article? Without more useful replies, this thread is liable to be closed.

Twitter is more business oriented. I would prefer Fb.

I think facebook better for driving traffic, many approaches you can take.