Really twitter and facebook bring more traffic?

Okay, so here are some references,
“we’ve earned more than $2 million in revenue at @DellOutlet, attributed directly to our Twitter activity.”
@DellOutlet Surpasses $2 Million on Twitter - Direct2Dell - Direct2Dell - Dell Community

@Delloutlet is twitter page of dell where they promote their offers and coupons… And this is not a minor social activity.

I think you missed my point :smiley:

Delloutlet is tracking clicks to orders which makes sense given the short term, direct nature of their offers. However, that’s just a part of the traffic and sales DellOutlet, Dell and any company get from social. Most of social is mentions, reviews, endorsements, even talking about an offer but done by users without a link, or tracking system. The figures dell published are just a slice of the impact of twitter on their business.

Put another way, if you can measure 2 million you can infer more – and should model around just how much more.

You can get a ton of traffic on your site with your Twitter/Facebook if you have targeted people that follow you. For example, I have over 6,000 of my marketing friends that follow me on Twitter and my affiliate manager blog is setup to tweet out one of my blog articles on my feed. I generally get 50+ visitors just from that one tweet :slight_smile:

my site getting few clicks from facebook but not from twitter so i preferably say that choose facebook for traffic not twitter

I suppose those social media site is just to interact and build rapport with our fans and followers. When our fans and followers has the confident with us then only it could convert sales. But, the process of building rapport and relationship is somehow challenging.

I am surprise that Dell use the social media site wisely by converting this huge amount of sales figure!

I do better with Twitter than I do on Facebook. You need to get lots of Twitter followers though!

I actually go slow on twitter and in facebook I’ve got lots of friends who visits and review my blog.

Yeah you’re right but in facebook spamming is not allowed.

Facebook fans page is a very good resource of relevant traffic. You can make a FB Fans page for your website and update daily with interesting topics related to your website and you are able to get relevant traffic. Considering twitter, if done properly you can achieve higher conversion rate.

Lot of twitter followers does not mean you will get traffic from them.

Perhaps traffic is the wrong goal then?

Twitter and Facebook are very useful only if we use them in a good manner. But you will not get the expected traffic from your twitter account since with the 10 followers. Make each good profiles in these medias. It is also a publishing platform also.

If we need more traffic from Community sites like Facebook or Twitter then first of all we have to make a strong profile with many followers in twitter and so many friends in facebook. As more and more friends and followers are increasing, the probability of increasing traffic is also increasing. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about twitter, but being active in facebook definitely guarantees you more traffic. Provided you have a lot of friends.

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