Which one give you more traffic ? Facebook or Twitter

Hello Friends,

I want to know that which one is more powerful to get more traffic Facebook or twitter.

Currently Facebook, but if we had the same number of fans on both platforms - Twitter wins by far.


I think it would depend on where your audience was more active however all things being equal, I have found that we tend to get far more visitors from Facebook than we do referrals from twitter. I can’t really say that is conclusive evidence that one drives traffic to a website better than another because we aren’t always posting the same things on the two networks and don’t always post links to our website on twitter.



Facebook brings more Traffic, but Twitter works well when you have a Huge number of Followers.

Facebook is more popular social networking site. it has good traffic in comparison with twitter.

Surely facebook

I also think Facebook drives more traffic. However, that doesn’t guarantee you to have genuine followers of whatever business you’re promoting.
Both Facebook and Twitter help but without the appealing content of your site and the links being built, the traffic will eventually decrease. I would suggest you also have to adopt other white hat seo techniques, like link building, etc.

Well, from my side both sites are important. Face book & Twitter are the top social networking sites & I can’t make difference between them. They both are useful & I am using both on regular base.

it depends on your content and the number of friends and followers you have, but facebook is more effective and can get more traffic even with a small number of friends.

Hi! Facebook will drive more traffic than twitter.

I think that traffic is depending upon numbers of friend and the followers you have.
But, i think Facebook gives more traffic compare with twitter.

Thank you friends. I am getting good results from Facebook.

Facebook only give more traffic compared to twitter.Because Facebook only have more visitors in a day.This is user friendly for Social media purposes.

Both are best sites for traffic it is depends on how much followers or user like your post and comment. How much user did you turn to your facebook or twitter. So post informative, unique and quality content.

I don’t believe in Facebook any more. It’s becoming confusing and useless.

Hey philipjohn… If you are not believing in facebook then as per your view what is the best platform to promote business ?

kevin, you pointed out the very notorious point of using facebook and twitter for referral traffic. I would like to add few more lines in addition of your mentions here.

I have seen the growth of referral traffic from facebook than twitter due to vast functionality and features of facebook that allow user’s to spend more time on facebook than twitter.

Alifcool, what kind of content are you talking about?

Content means what you have posted on facebook or twitter about your website. If you create facebook and twitter page for a website, there will be some information about your website in that page.

I am not sure anyone can give you correct answer to this question, it depends on number of fun, do you add the same content to both platform or not, when you add fresh post. You can easy check it in Google Analytics, build code and ofter track your post, you will see which platform is better.