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Okay, so i set up a page on Facebook and invite all of my friends to become a fan. Most of them became fans. Now the thing is trying to get others that are not my friend to become fans. They are not becoming fans as fast as i would like. My question is, what does it take to promote the fan page on Facebook… a simple facebook logo on the home page of my site? Or should the facebook logo say “become a fan” or something like that?

Is it too obstructive or to “begging” to say “become a fan” for a facebook logo on my home page?

Very few people (as a percentage of visitors or customers) actually participate in social media with companies they are affiliated with. They might read your emails, look at your website, or take some other passive role but the vast majority of internet users don’t actually sign up for things like FB fan pages.

That said, including links everywhere (your website, emails, etc) is a good start. Also have you thought of promoting using Facebook ads? I’ve seen a few case studies where it was much more effective to promote a FB fan page with a FB ad (than sending them to an actual website)

Also, consider contests. Lands End just held a contest to give away a $100 gift card and they’ve gotten almost 225,000 fans. I’m not sure how many they had before the promotion, but I think it’s worked pretty well for them. $100 isn’t a bad investment for a few thousand fans!!

Many fb users sign up because they saw it on their friends’ feeds. What I did was advertise using fb ads until it got about 1000 fans, then let it get fans naturally through the feeds. It worked pretty well, and the fan count grows every day despite that I don’t advertise it anywhere, not even on a site.

facebook is great site for social networking, recently i have created my website fan page, but still not so much effective, in spite of having 200 fans. let’s see, but somehow, i got little porporation of traffic

Your fan page should have a related subject that suits social networking communities, some things dont mix to well with facebook style communities.

I just have created fan page for my software product. But still i am not getting visitors from facebook. How can i promote it?

Depending on what your site is about, why not consider advertising it on Facebook and promoting your fan page w/FB advertising?

The contest Brandon mentioned is a great idea, and Staples just had a contest to gain twitter followers and I think they’re giving away a $300 netbook for every 1000 followers they get - until they hit 10k.

Not a bad investment to gain 10k followers even if some of them bailout after the contest is over.


Are facebook ads free?

No, it works much like Google AdSense where you bid for top placement.

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There are a lot of people use facebook to promote their site or whatever products they offer. Indeed facebook is another tool to get more traffics from your site all you need to do is to get a huge amount of followers from FB.

If only it were as easy as you describe it everyone would be a professional which would make nobody a professional. :wink:

Getting traffic for Fan page in FB depends on many related issues. As a new company, product and services surely it is quite hard to get fans for your pages other than your own friends. It is always better to promote your page when here is a search engine value or visibility value their in the market.

I mean let’s say you got a product, blog about it… then promote your review, then in that blog you you can add all he social media links that can refer to your FB page. Even in all your signature,web links point to your FB page. When your product do have a visibility after 2-3 months and few people know about it then it is better to go for FB page promotion.

Because a new product will not have potential fans, when people will use it and love it then they can spend some time to participate for that FB fan page.

As somebody who’s run a/b testing on FB ads with one going to the Fan page & one going to the website, I concur.

You are removing an extra layer for people to drop out (you can actually click on “Become a fan” on the advert, they don’t have to visit the fan page itself! - whereas for your website you’d have to get them to your site, THEN make them fill in their details.

If you treat Facebook as a lead generation tool, rather than a sales tool, it works remarkably well.

Also, have you had a look at FBML? I use it on my facebook fan page to make the page look a little different & so far it’s got a few more people to sign up. I’d have a go at that.

If you already have an existing Facebook account and start running ads, does facebook target your friends first?

We simply use Facebook fan page as an extra way of updating users on the content from our site. We get around 2 to 3% of our traffic from Facebook visitors clicking through our news items or sharing it with their friends.

It won’t be too “begging” to put it on your homepage if it’s subtle and you make the benefits clear (i.e. get our updates via Facebook).

No, you have to tell it who to target.

I have a facebook fanpage for my website and it hasn’t shown positive results.

I think EvcRo makes a good point. Not all products or services will get a lot of use out of a facebook fan page.

Most of my advice is anecdotal, but I’ll offer it anyway. I’ve seen restaurants and stores have success by offering special one-day discounts via their facebook fan page. For example, one of them gave a special word out on facebook and gave people a discount if they mentioned that word on the day it was posted. On your web site or blog, you could encourage people to join your fan page to get these special offers. I personally walked into a store once because they advertised discount items on their account, so it does happen.

I have a facebook fanpage for my website and it hasn’t shown positive results.

And that is the reality of it all.

Thanks for keeping it real.