Buy Facebook Fans

Have any of you guys tried buying Facebook fans?

How do these websites operate to get new fans?

and last question which I am concerned is if my account can be banned from Facebook?

I bough a package like 3 weeks ago from to get 1,000 new fans for $99. However, all i got was around 50 fans… THATS SUCKS!
tried contacting them but they wouldn’t answer me back.

Then recently I bough from 2,000 fans for $39.99 and started seeing results within a couple of hours… its been 3 days since I order and already got 456 new fans and they said that my campaign is going to be running for 7 days.

Like i said, my main concern is if my account can be ban?

I hate to keep pushing the issue but let’s be honest here, if you had a client page get pulled you wouldn’t put it on your client roster.

Of course there’s no better proof than the vendor’s page. If it’s got 500 fans and they’re selling thousands of fans, enough said.

That’s not logical. The fans are ending up on the brand (client) page, if there’s a problem with how that page is getting fans it’s going to effect the page.

I started looking around in various places and sites for cheap ways to get fans, non were very successful until I went about setting up my own network.

But look I agree with some of the comments, lots of fans that dont engage with your page much are nothing more then numbers… however numbers allow your page to potentially go viral and that is where the benefit is.

A viral page is one of a good design with interesting or controversial content that has a message to pass on to everyone friends. If its funny or mind blowing or cool in some way and you use a fan building service to get a decent amount of fans you can go viral and that is when you start to steer a large amount of traffic wherever you want.

If you are just buying fans for fun that you are doing a great job, but if you actually want your fans to like what your site is about or what you are even doing then you are doing a terrible job. These fans probably don’t even speak english and none the less want to read what you have to say.

There’s a bad saying “the proof is in the pudding”… I’d ask to see it personally, but then again I also wouldn’t sign up with any company selling fans so blatently.

What’s the use of fans who don’t know / care about your page? You’ve got bodies, maybe living, maybe bots, but not contributors, not followers, not anything.

Yes you can get banned. Yes you can get blacklisted. But more importantly you are getting nothing for your money… numbers that don’t matter.

personally , i really dont think that buying facebook fan is the best way to advertising . Because facebook users not really care about that , i bet adding advertising on facebook apps is better method

We noticed most of the accounts that add your page as a fan exist in countries other than the USA. If you dont mind your fans not speaking English, then you’re fine.

I suppose that is not really good approach to buy them. Because in the such way you will never get real funs. Real funs should be you main goal.

I know people who’ve had their accounts on different social networks banned purely on the basis that they paid for fans. Apart from the fact that you didn’t earn those fans legitimately (by participating and gaining attention for your content), it’s unlikely that these people are actually going to stick with you over the long run (either that or their bots). Honestly the end user doesn’t really care how many fans you have, it’s very easy to manipulate the values and people know only too well that fans don’t equal friends, their just recognition from people who show their support by hooking up with your account. If you want to make your social profile work well for you, focus on getting self-willing clients, those shallow ones you bought aren’t really going to do much for you other than add to an irrelevant number. :slight_smile:


I read the OP with mixed feelings.

I haven’t gazillion followers on Facebook and also don’t follow everybody who came into my road. I may be a little oldfashioned but I don’t see sense of that.

In my opinion, it is far better to have only twentyfive followers who are really interested in what I’m saying instead 25000 disinterested.

But as said before, this also may be a business for someone. For some time.

All the best,


what are you trying to accomplish with all of your fans? taking the leap from fan to actually making a conversion (a sale) is a huge step IMO

Thats a good reason to use a good facebook fan service IMO. The good ones will take all the risk for you because they are the ones promoting the pages with their accounts.

If you are buying the fans to increase your sales then i think that other alternative ways are best than buying in face book.

Dear threadstarter,

I feel that the best way to get facebook fans is not by buying them, but rather by exposing them first to your site or newsletter and giving them the choice to “Like” your page instead of forcefully showing them your page.

If you have more fans through the way i suggest, i believe they will stick with you, rather than liking your page and then not returning at all.

With that said, i am also still learning so do correct me if you feel anything i said might be wrong.

We thought about buying fans for a Facebook page (one of our product pages on Facebook), but we decided against in. While they will see your updates in their news feed, they might just skip over it automatically because you do not know if they are truly interested in your products or if they joined to get paid.

With that said, we are going to be running a promotion soon to increase our Facebook fans. We have email lists from users who bought or tried our free trials. We are going to give them a free product (desktop search tool) for liking us on Facebook.

Are tools aren’t right for everyone. Like one is designed for job seekers. Therefore, only the people who are actively looking for a job and can use this free program are likely to say “yes” to the offer. And, that is our targeted market.

You have a point.

No, I have not. I really do not know how they operate their website, but the FAQS section of their site says that they manually invite these fans to join my page as they are a team of 8 people.

Can’t say if they’d ban your account or not - but I personally wouldn’t risk it in hopes of getting a few new fans interested in you.

Sorry - but I don’t think there are any cheap/easy shortcuts when it comes to building a fan base or email list etc…

Sure, you might be able to buy 1 or 2,000 fans…but if they don’t really have an interest in what you’re offering, I think you’re just wasting your time on them.


True, so always check the sellers page history. A good provider should have a long list of promoted pages that are all still active.