How to make fan page in facebook

I am planning to use facebook for site promotion and traffic ,so can any one helps me how to make fan page.
Regards,Anup Kanwar.

For site promotion not only you can create a fan page but also make a group. Make people join in to your group and then make a fan page which is followed mainly by the people intrigued by your niche.

You don’t really need a fan page in promoting products on facebook simply post your product on facebook and let others know what you are doing and that’s it. But if you really want to have a separate page for your product promotion then you have the option to create a free page.

During the login or sign up you can see and option there on how to create a page. Go ahead and follow the instruction.

Hope that helps…

just go to create a page and then select you are offering services or you have a local business or else
then send request to your friends

Check this for step by step procedure.

I have an account in facebook but i have never created fan page. but i will do that thanks for the suggestion

just goto create page on facebook and follow the intsructions

I have facebook account but i didn’t make a fan page. Is it essential if we are using the account for social networiking purpose?

No, you don’t need to create a fan page to use Facebook.

No, it is not necessary to create fan page to use Facebook

but if you are going for good design then you have to make special pages that is purposely built for facebook

Create a fan page from your established account and post related content, photos, and posts regarding your service or oganization. You’ll want it to be useful to your visitors and ‘fans’.

Also, don’t forget to invite your friends to become a fan, and their friends along with it…

Anupkanwar, first I’d recommend to take a look at information about Facebook pages. ( If you are promoting a site/business you own, I would go with a page.

If that is not the case, create a group. Officially - and I would not like to have any problems - pages are only allowed to be created by…

I’m the official representative of this person, business, band or product and have permission to create this Page.

I hope you enjoy the process of creating and promoting a page, looking forward to hearing back from you!

The link to create a fan page is not always easy to find. I just click on Advertising on the bottom of the page and then Pages. You can find the page at:

In the sign up page of facebook you are having the option below -create a fan page option.

I could not find ‘create page’ in my facebook account. Will you please tell where it is located?

Creating a fan page in Facebook is really very simple. The ways of doing it can be found in the help pages of the Facebook located at the bottom of the homepage of Facebook.

Why you all are saying that making Fan page is not important in Face Book ?



Firstly login to the Facebook account & after that Go to “Advertising" link on the bottom right. Click on The advertising page & further read the instruction.