Facebook fan page for increase your site visitors


I have a fan page posted on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Forum-Duster-member-estti-fan-Duster-Join-in-forumdusterro/107465582613469) but i did not see an impressive growth of my visitors coming from facebook.

Does any body used successfully facebook fan page for getting traffic and visitors?

Can you give us some samples?

Thank you

Honestly, facebook fans don’t amount to much traffic. The point is to provide your offerings / content to users on facebook. That’s why they liked your page in the first place. If you’re looking specifically for traffic to your website, I suggest trying facebook ads because you can link your ad directly to an external website. Plus, you can target your ads to extremely specific demographics.

agreed, its not just a simple thing…you dont just create it you need to be active, participate and make the page worth staying…

You need to ensure that Facebook is in your target market.

e.g. are Business to Business or Business to Consumer?

If B2B i really think your wasting your time and you should move all effort to www.linkedin.com.

If B2C then you really need to work at it, create content, link from your email, website, rss feeds, etc, etc.

Share with YouTube on FB to create interest.

There is a whole topic on Social Media Marketing and I would start by searching YT for Socialnomics 2009 (Part 2) which is an updated vid of the social arena.

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My experience suggests use an app called FBML on the page and design it aesthetically. Use Facebook advertising and then see the growth.

Personally I think posting images that are related, is a great way to increase your chances of being seen.

I follow this simple rule in using my fan page for increasing traffic towards my site.

  1. Engage- reply to questions, thank people for joining the page create conversation.

  2. Entertain- make your fan page interesting that people would always tend to come back for more.

  3. Educate- let people know some interesting facts. Let them go WOW and impress them with new learnings.

  4. Update and be heard- a boring page will surely be left alone or even be unliked. Always update your page.

Fan page is not an instant traffic driver. Remember that is it a social media site where you create relationships and convert it to traffic.

Facebook helps you in incresing the traffic but i suggest you to help it a bit. Make a campaign to promote the Facebook page. Something like invite your friends to invite their friends and so on, to see your website. If the website is really important for you give a small reword for the person who promotes mostly your website through Facebook.

+1 to bownsmith - the article looks very interesting (I’m looking into this myself, and think Facebook could be useful if done right - lots of great tips in the article)

The best way is to find a similar page and invite people over to join your page :slight_smile:

hey find the those Busines pages on facebook which have a lots of like on fan pages then post you site url on its wall i hope you get better impression to your site.Find the largest no of member on group or fan page then post your Url there.

facebook fan page definitely works if optimized in the right way… i suggest u should review some popular fan-pages and understand their strategy and then follow them wisely

use this link: http://www.insidefacebook.com/2009/07/13/seo-facebook-pages-10-key-strategies/

this link has promoting information about your facebook fan page…

i hope helpful for you…

Bown Smith

Inviting facebook friends is a great way to add to your visitors then post a share on the page you want them to visit. Make sure to also add them to your group by suggesting it to them.

Well, my fb page is not very popular and i doubt that can make it more popular without inversting money in ads(( But I don’t have such ability

I think upload more video and articles and share it all.