Promote site with Fan page on Facebook

facebook is populer social networking, recently we have created a website fan page, but still not so much effective, but somehow, i got little traffic moving on out site. I think if we put some quiz and prize on it the definitely more traffic will move on it…

I add a link to our fan page and our twitter account to everything such as email signature, website, news letter, etc. We’ve got a number of fans that I don’t know, which is good!

Facebook fanpage is a good way of promoting your website but it looks like it is slow in yielding results.

Facebook is a place from where you can drive traffic and that also a measurable traffic. Defiantly it is more fruitful for business websites as well as normal website. Fan-Page is best place for this. Join Groups, use application properly, message your friends with proper compose message.

As already noted by the posters here, fan pages do not work unless they cater to the tastes of the facebook users. Not every niche is suitable for facebook. If there are many relevant communities to the topic with active user base, that’s a hint you can take.

Once you have determined an audience base for your niche in facebook, the next issue is that of traffic. Think about how you will drive traffic to your fan page at facebook. Whether or not there is any real value for the user in signing up to your fan pages. Offer something unique to yours fans and you’re most likely to capture more of 'em. Run a monetary competition and it will go viral! It’s as simple as that.

It’s all about offering users real value - which can be things of monetary value, unique info, ‘feel good’ stuff like a cause (go green?), etc. - or your fan pages will fail.

I think it is better to add more quality content and useful links first. Develop a good reputation for the fan page and then the others will follow. Once a member develops a certain trust on your pages, they would willingly join even if you don’t invite them.

Today facebook is the best source of social networking. Facebook plays a vital role to promote all your products or sites. You may keep an option on your site to become a fan and this will really work. Go for it.

Nice great information and great promotions thing thanks for share it.

Try to create an events, discussions and various forms of social interaction.

ya you are definitely right because too less people know about this social media site …we Internet expert only know more about this…

I have also a fan page on facebook and it gave me a good results for generating good traffic.

I think only the funny apps can get lots of fan in their fan pages. You can use if as a brand recognition rather than trying getting traffic from those sites.

Facebook works pretty good on my Best Choice Contracting llc site. There is no magic button people, you still have to sell yourself to succeed. People need a reason to stop to look at you, find something about you product or service that makes you want to stop and look, then sell it to the world, good luck.

I think too often we get into this habit of using social media or SEO or whatever and forget about the fact that we’re still dealing with real people and you have to have a quality product to be successful. I completely agree with you.

You must invite other members to join your page on facebook first, or it is hard to grow by itself.

Getting a fan base for anything is hard, but especially FB. People on there don’t always add you as a fan page. You need to give them some reason to sign up for it. on any given day I get about 5-8 new fans. And I don’t send that to anyone. All the promotion on FB that I do now is just updates and my fans seem to take care of the fan page, maybe I am just fortunate this happened to ALL-MOST.COM

Initially you should go for the first option. A simple facebook logo on the home page of your site will be sufficient. After that see what results come.

You use the facebook Advertisement for like you page of Facebook…or you add you page on in comments or our friend wall also…

I would recommend running a contest on Facebook to get some quick fans for your facebook page

I would not use Facebook or count on it for anything other than a lead generation tool.