Facebook fan page with prize incentive

Hi all,

I am thinking about setting up a facebook page for my business. I plan to offer a decent prize to encourage people to LIKE the page and invite their friends to LIKE it (thats all they would need to do to enter)

A winner will then be picked at random

I wondered whather these kinds of promotions actually work, has anyone tried this? In theory the thing would go viral as more and more people invite all their friends, but does this happen?

Any info would be much appreciated

Thanks alot

Have you tried many promotions in the past and had this problem? I have yet to see that sort of issue on facebook but perhaps your experience is different?

This is all true but doesn’t address the original poster’s question about promoting the page.

What you thought of is great. By giving incentive to those who will like your site you encourage more people to do so. Liking a page in Facebook is just a click away however, someone like me, don’t do it that much especially when I really don’t know the page or I think I won’t benefit from it. Having a contest even with a very simple prize will surely increase the number of page likes.


Lot of businesses use it and it does work sometimes.

Remember it is not about a big number of fans, but the right fans.

So offer great content and they will come. If you have something that interests your fans they will share it.

ps! even with a contest you need to spend money to advertise the contest before it could go viral.

While you can require people to be a fan of a page to enter a contest, you can not require that they do anything on facebook to enter said contest (so you can’t just pick random fans of the page). Basically you will need an app / page / method of entry that is open only to fans but lives outside of Facebook. Read more at http://www.facebook.com/promotions_guidelines.php

Will giving stuff away build fans? Sure, contests are great. But unless you’re building attention from interested fans all you have is numbers of people and little opportunity to drive any meaningful traffic or engagement. Build a following and offer them the chance to win things related to your brand, then you’ll have a true win.

A facebook fan page is an absolute must for any business these days. It is easy to do, easy to manage and the facebook insights (the email sent every week with page stats) is extremely useful and easy to read.

The biggest thing you will run into are people who have a bunch of automatic accounts that will all sign up for the givaway and you will not get anywhere with your promotion.