PR2 in 60days

Not really, this geezer got a PR7 in a similar time.

any blog can have that PR… maybe if its PR 6 or higher…

Its not amazing but you can say good while having PR 2 during such time.

Everybody could do that i’ve also experience that before well actually less than 60 days when i got my a PR2 in one of my blog.

I think you have done a great job!
Build lot`s of backlinks and add content daily and you will soon rank higher.

For me its really good work. Congrats.

Good job :smiley: congratulations!

Its not amazing, because Google is updating some new blogsite which is from N/A to PR2. Like my blogsite also which is from unranked to PR2.

Wow! That is amazing. It really pays the effort once you have good backlinks and content posted to your blog. I hope my blog does get that ranking too in a short time only. Congrats!


for detail, check in checkpagerank(dot)net

I also got PR2 in just 2 months.
PR is not important.
Important is quality links

well it is good for you since within 60 days and the hard work always pays off

To get a Pr 2 in a minimum of 60 days is a really great, as since i think that what ever we apply is what we see the results as even a little effort done but with more smartness then we can really achieve even high PR ranks too.

Congratulation! You did a good job. There are so many blogs which don’t have PR after so many months. But you did it. Wishing you a Good Luck :slight_smile:

Do you still worry too much about PR? Instead, find ways to get quality traffic :smiley:


PR cannot make money more than TRAFFIC :slight_smile:

its not amazing… But did nice job… Keep it up…

PR2 is really easy to achieve. Most new blogs usually get PR2 every time Google updates it PR. So I must say that you need to do more to get higher PR.

Sometimes is the main domain name who google considers to give a certain PR. Or could be a fake PR?